Other Vacuum Parts

Other Vacuum Parts

Bag Adapter to Modify Central

Bag Adapter to Modify Central Vacuum

  • This bag adapter allows to modify your central vacuum power unit so that a bag could be used to collect dust and debris 
  • Just dispose of the bag instead of emptying the canister
  • Fits most central vacuum power units*

* for any reason, if you are not sure that this part applies to your model of central vacuum system, please send of a picture of the canister lower compartment so that we can review it. One of our technician will advise you.  contact@vacuumsonline.net

8.99 $CAD

Electric Motor Armature Polishing Stone

Electric Motor Armature Polishing Stone Carbon Brush Seating Stone

  • Electric motor seater sticks, fine grit brush
  • Carbon brush and commutator seating stone
  • Use this to correct imperfections and armature wear
  • Pumice stone for vacuum motors

39.95 $CAD

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