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Electrolux home care products vacs

Vacuumsonline is proud to be an authorized Electrolux vacuum cleaner dealer. All our products are brand new, in original packaging and delivery is free for orders over 100$. Electrolux Home Care Products is a leader in the cleaning industry worldwide. With only the best vacuum cleaners to offer, review and compare our Electrolux canister and Upright models. Cleaning your home as never been so easy.

Electrolux UltraOne Canister Series

The UltraOne models are offered in three different versions, the Classic, the Signet and the Deluxe. With the best warranty of the industry, 7 years, the UltraOne serie is built tough and is up to the task. While producing extra suction power, the sound level remains as low as possible with the new conception and design. With a modern touch and many convenient technologies on board, there is an Electrolux UltraOne for you.

 Electrolux UltraOne canister vacuum cleaners

Starting at 499$, The Electrolux UltraOne Classic is mostly recommended for house or appartments with bare floors and hard floors. This vacuum can also be used on thin or rough carpets.

Upgrade to Electrolux UltraOne Signet for 699$. The Signet comes with a different set of accessories including a powerhead for carpets. It is recommended for residential use but for homes and appartments with a mix of carpeted areas and bare floors, wood floors, ceramic or tiles. The powerbrush is perfect to get rid of pet hair on carpets and rugs.

Finally, the top of the line Electrolux UltraOne Deluxe available at 899$ is perfect for pet owners, thick carpets, wall to wall rooms of carpet and a mix of bare floors, ceramic, wood and tiles. The Deluxe comes with extra accessories and with the LCD display information center and control panel.


Electrolux Ergorapido Ion Stick Broom Vac

Electrolux ErgoRapido Stick Vacuums


The very popular Electrolux Ergorapido stick broom vacuum cleaner is a must have in any house or appartment because it is so easy to deploy when you need to do a quick clean up. No messy cables or power cords, just a fast charge battery with Lithium Ion* technology available in different models. The lithium ion technology is a great evolution when it comes to powering tools and wireless vacuum cleaners. More suction, more power, more lifetime, and charges faster than regular batteries. Available in 4 different models, the Electrolux Ergorapido wireless stick vacuums and brooms are budget friendly and one of the most convenient tool to own in a home.

Ergorapido Ultra, Ergorapido Ion, Ergorapido Brushroll Clean, Ergorapido Power Ion Brushroll Clean.



Electrolux Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

The Electrolux Access T8 EL4071A and the Electrolux Versatility EL4060A feature the ultimate HEPA filtration system that requires no bag. Simply remove the dust cup and empty it in the trash. These 2 Electrolux bagless vacuum cleaners are more powerful than the Dyson DC46, DC47 and DC78. Nonetheless, they are way less expensive. With a 5 years warranty coverage and the Electrolux brand name, only these two arguments should convince you. The Electrolux Versatility is equiped with a powerhead especially designed for carpets and pet hair. With a decent price and no bags to replace ever, this is a very cost effective way to clean your home. 

electrolux bagless canister vacuum cleaners


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