Zelmer Vacuums

Zelmer Vacuums

Zelmer Vacuums Zelmer Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Zelmer Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Zelmer is a german manufacturer of canister vacuum cleaners available for united states and Canada. Buy online Zelmer vacuums, bags and parts.

Zelmer Vacuums Zelmer Attachments & Hoses

Zelmer Attachments & Hoses

Zelmer vacuum cleaners features a large selection of powerful tools and brushes to clean your home. Buy Zelmer vacuum attachments and hoses online

Zelmer Vacuums Zelmer Parts

Zelmer Parts

Find all the parts and motors to repair your zelmer vacuum cleaner. Zelmer vacuums are made in germany and are one of the best vacuum brands.

Zelmer Vacuums Zelmer Vacuum Bags & Filters

Zelmer Vacuum Bags & Filters

Buy online Zelmer vacuum bags for models 1500 25000 3000 4000 5000, Zelmer Odyssey and Syrius

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zelmer vacuum cleaners

Zelmer Vacuum Cleaners Canisters

Unfortunately, Zelmer vacuum cleaner models have been discontinued from North America and are no longer being distributed in 120 volts. 

Vacuumsonline will keep in stock all parts, accessories and attachments in stock as long as they are available from the manufacturer.

You will still be able to buy Zelmer vacuum bags, Zelmer filters, and more directly from our website and stores.

Vacuumsonline will also be honnoring warranties for all purchases made in Canada and the USA. Please contact our technicians for any warranty issues regarding any Zelmer vacuum models. Please make sure to have your initial invoice and warranty certificate in hand.

We will be able to assist you even if you didn't make the initial purchase from our website or one of our affiliated stores.

Thank you for your comprehension

Here is a list of all Zelmer vacuum cleaners built along the years for Canada and the USA

Aspirateur Zelmer 1500 VAC1500

Aspirateur Zelmer 2500 VAC2500

Aspirateur Zelmer 3000 VAC3000

Aspirateur Zelmer 4000 VAC4000

Aspirateur Zelmer 5000 VAC5000

Aspirateur Zelmer Syrius

Aspirateur Zelmer Odyssey



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