Professional Household Cleaning Products

Professional Household Cleaning Products

Professional Household Cleaning Products Liquid Products

Liquid Products

Cleaning Products for Barefloor, Carpets, Kitchen, Bathroom

Professional Household Cleaning Products Microfibers


Microfibers Cloths Cleaning General Purpose Microfiber Pads

Professional Household Cleaning Products Bona Products Line

Bona Products Line

Bona Products Floorcare Wood Floors Cleaning Mops

Professional Household Cleaning Products Janitor Carts

Janitor Carts

Janitor Carts Janitorial Pull Carts with Wheels

Professional Household Cleaning Products Odor Control

Odor Control

Odor Control Devices for Bathrooms, Public Washrooms, Restaurants

Liquid Cleaning Products for Carpets, Wooden Floors, Stains, Bathrooms and Kitchens

Vacuumsonline is also offering a complete range of general cleaning products going from carpet stain removers, pets spots removers, eco friendly products, wood floor products and more traditional cleaning products for hard tasks. Available in different quantity for residential or commercial and professional use, even janitors and maintenance companies will find everything they need here. Browse our carpet and tissu soaps, products to remove pet odors. We carry the complete Sanygam, Finitec, Torque, SafeBlend and many more brands trusted for efficient cleaning. 

Microfibers, Rags and Sponges

We are your one and only stop for cleaning products as we even carry speciality microfibers, first quality rags and sponges. Use our first quality products to gently clean any surfaces, TV screens, stainless steel and windows without leaving a trace.

Bona Products Line

Bona is the ultimate name in wood floors cleaning products and it is available in various formats and kits. Bona products are available in complete kits, mops only, or in different types of wood floor products like soaps, polishers, revitalizers and more. You will find on our website the mop pads sold separately to replace your old ones. Give your wood floors a second life with Bona.

Janitorial Equipment, Institutional Maintenance

Perfect for janitors, we have in stock a complete line of institutional cleaning products for schools, supermarkets, large surfaces, warehouses and any types of building maintenance that has to be done. Our janitorial equipments are available in differents types of products like janitor carts, wet floor signs, heavy duty garbage bags, hygienic paper distributors, hand paper distributors, mops and brooms with larger cleaning paths, hands dryiers and many more items.

Odor Control Devices

For residential and commercial bathrooms, public washrooms, condo and appartments entrances, halls and more, we have a full range of odor control devices to make sure it smells good all the time. Automatic odor dispensers are very usefull to keep a fresh scent no matter where they are located. Many fragrances available for replacement cartridges.

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