Vacuum Cleaners Parts Motors Hoses and More

Vacuum Cleaners Parts Motors Hoses and More

Vacuum Cleaners Parts Motors Hoses and More Vacuum Motors

Vacuum Motors

Vacuum Cleaner Motors, Central Vacuum Motors

Vacuum Cleaners Parts Motors Hoses and More Carbon Brushes

Carbon Brushes

Central Vacuum Carbon Brushes for Motors Domel Lamb Ametek

Vacuum Cleaners Parts Motors Hoses and More Electronic Circuits

Electronic Circuits

Central Vacuum System Electronic Circuit Boards

Vacuum Cleaners Parts Motors Hoses and More Vacuum Hose Parts

Vacuum Hose Parts

Vacuum Cleaner Hose Parts and Central Vacuum Hoses Parts

Vacuum Cleaners Parts Motors Hoses and More Vacuum Motor Seals and Gaskets

Vacuum Motor Seals and Gaskets

Central Vacuum Motor Seals and Gaskets

Vacuum Cleaners Parts Motors Hoses and More Carpet Beater Belts

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Vacuum Cleaner Brush Belts for motorized powerbrush and air driven turbo brushes

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Other Vacuum Parts

Central Vacuum Motors and Portable Vacuum Motors Replacements

If you are looking to replace your burned out vacuum system motor, we have the model you need whatever the brand. We carry in stock the largest selection of only the best manufacturers like Domel and Lamb-Ametek.. When you own a model that satisfied your need for many years, why not just change the motor, you could save money and give an extra 10 to 20 years of lifetime to year vacuum cleaner!

Vacuum Cleaner Carbon Brushes

Because changing carbon brushes on a central vacuum motor should be the equivalent of changing the oil in your car, we strongly recommend to inspect your brushes every 5 years to prevent them from harming the motor's core. Carbon brushes have a lifetime of approximately 500 to 800 hours depending on the model itself. We usually recommend to service carbon brushes when they are at 70% based on their initial lenght.

Electronic Circuit Boards

Mechanical circuits have been replaced along the years by electronic circuit boards. Circuit boards in central vacuums allows electricity to be cut off and powered on by a switch and most of the time can be resetted by a button in case of power surge, automatic protection or any malfunction detected by the variation of electricity used by the motor. If your central vacuum can't be powerered off or always stays on, this means you have a faulty board. Boards are most of the time available in 15 amps or 18 amps models. It is possible that you have to make slight modifications to the casing if choosing an aftermarket board to fit the reset button outside the case. Some central vacuum systems like Drainvac and DuoVac use progressive start and stop circuit boards, but in general you can fit any 15 amps board with any motor that is specs are lower than 15 amps in rush. If motor needs more than 15 amps you go with a 18 amps board.

Vacuum Cleaner Hose Parts

Need to repair you vacuum hose? Or it is not long enough? We have all kinds and sizes of hose fittings to retro fit your old hose to a new model or repair your old hose to keep it for the garage. With our adapters you can modify any type of hose and rebuilt it for your needs. If you have a faulty on and off switch we have all the parts for replacements whether it is a Plastiflex hose, Beam. Eureka or Electrolux vacuum cleaner hose, we have parts to repair broken handles and more. We repair vacuum cleaner hoses at our locations La Cité de l'Aspirateur in the great region of Montreal, Laval and Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada.

Seals and Gaskets

When servicing your central vacuum to empty the canister or change the bags, you should always pay attention to the gasket around the dirt canister. This seal is very important and can sometimes wear out over the years. Seals are the most important things to avoid pressure and power loss for vacuuming efficiently. When servicing the unit at a professional's, he should always take a look at the main motor seal. When changing or replacing a motor, make sure the actual seal is still good to be use, otherwise it is strongly recommend to replace the seal for better performances and best suction results at the other end of the hose.

Shop-Vac Original Parts

If you own a Shop-Vac and you are looking for replacement parts, we have all of what you need in our inventory. As the largest Shop-Vac parts distributor on the internet, we carry in stock all motor heads, switches, circuit boards, accessories, attachments, hose adapters, Shop-Vac vacuum bags, and filters and more. If you are looking for speciality Shop-Vac filters for contrustion and renovation clean ups, decontamition and more, we have them. Compare our prices, we guarantee the best deals only. We also do all the warranty claim services for Shop-Vac Canada.

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