Upright Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide and Review

Upright Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide and Review

Uprights and Stick Vacs, Broom Vacs

upright and stick vacuum With brands like Bissell, Hoover, Dirt Devil, Panasonic, Eureka, Electrolux, Riccar, Miele, Kirby and Shark, the upright has always been a favorite in canadian and american households. Available in bagged or bagless versions and in every sizes, Vacuumsonline has a large selection of upright vacuum cleaners and stick vacs. Review and compare all the models and brands online and place your order now!

Uprights VS Stick Vacs

The main difference between the two is that stick vacs are often cordless vacuum cleaners with smaller dust capacities while uprights tend to be bigger and better equiped to face the everyday cleaning job. 

A stick vac is normally used as a rapid deployment cleaning device for small messes around the kitchen for example. It is often stored in a closet in the upright position on the battery charger. Most of them have bagless dirt containment systems easy to empty in the garbage after use.

Upright vacuum cleaners are suited for the big cleaning job. Highly recommended for rooms with carpets, they are often used thoroughly on all other surfaces, bare floors and hard floors. Upright vacs are still the most popular vacuums in the United States in houses and appartments. 


Stick and Broom Vacs

Cord or Cordless : Cordless sticks are more popular . New battery technologies now allow decent power and work time with minimal recharging time.  Lithium Ion batteries with higher voltages are better. From 7 Volts Up to 25.2 Volts. 

Motor Power and Suction: Motor power is often referred to the number of volts and watts

Battery Lifetime : Some batteries can recharge to full capacity faster than others. Look for full charge time in specifications if mentioned.

Modes: Some stick vacs offers Turbo mode like the Rowenta models. These mode increase suction and power but decreases battery lifetime more rapidly. 

Battery charge indicator: Very useful, it shows how much time is left before running out of power

Handvac Convertible: Some models like the Electrolux Ergorapido can convert into hand vacs and be used on counter tops, furniture and more applications.



Brushroll Switch : If you are planning on using an upright vacuum on all surfaces, carpets and bare floors, this option is for you. To prevent damages to more fragile wood floors, switching off the brushroll is primordial

Belt : How easy is the belt to change can be a factor when it comes to which vacuum is the best. You are more likely to replace the belt once or twice during the machine's lifetime, see recommended maintenance chart in user manual.

Cleaning Path / Width : When it comes to large surfaces and large floors, the cleaning path comes in to play. Larger units can have up to 15" wide cleaning paths. 

Bag or Bagless : If you want the best filtration available, go with a bagged upright. And if you prefer saving money than buy aftermarket vacuum bags, go with the bagless system.

Detachable Hose : Some uprights feature flexible hose attachment

Tools and Attachments : Look for on-board tools and accessories. Most models equiped with flexible hose will have a crevice tool, upholstery tool brush and a dusting brush. Some others even feature turbo brush for pets and carpets.

Brushroll Height Adjustment : More expensive models feature automatic height adjustment for different kind of carpets and rugs. 

Sensors and Technologies : Blockage detection device, dirt sensors, fuil bag indicators are all technologies available depending on models and budget.


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