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Central Vacuum Accessories and Attachments Buying Guide

Buying a Central Vacuum Hose

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The vacuum hose is the most important decision you will have to make when it comes to accessories and attachments

Basic Central Vacuum Hose (no electricity)

central vac basic hose no electricityThe basic hose is the most budget friendly option available. No wires, no on-off switch, this hose is lightweight and relatively inexpensive. Our basic hoses are crushproof and made of first quality silicone and plastic. They also feature 360 degrees swivel handle.. 

How it works: The hose-to-inlet adapter is made of metal and bridges the electricity 24 volts located inside the inlet valve to start the power unit. The only inconvenient is that in order to switch the central vacuum motor off, you have to manually unplug the hose.

Perfect for everyday use but most of the time used as secondary hose or garage hose, workshop applications and more.

Available in 20' 25' 30' 35' 40' 45' 50' 55' 60' versions

Low Voltage Hoses with On-Off Switch

central vacuum low voltage hose The perfect intermediary between basic and fully electric hoses, the low voltage vacuum hose is the most popular option for home owners and household cleaning.

The low voltage hose features a 2 positions On-Off switch for remote control of central vac power unit. Shut down the vacuum at your fingertips with the simple press of a button.  

Available with button lock or friction fit adapters and in 25' 30' 35' 40' 45' 50' 

For carpet and area rug owners : a low voltage hose can always be paired with a turbo brush that requires no electricity at all for a fraction of the price of electric equipment. The only inconvenient is that turbo brush efficiency is directly related to the suction power of your central vacuum unit. 

Hoses with 120 Volts for Carpets

If you have carpets and thick area rugs, chances are that you will prefer a motorized powerbrush. To use a motorized carpet beater, you will need a hose that supplies 120 volts directly on the hose handle to power up the motor.

super valve direct connect vacuum hose

direct connect super valve hose


The Super Valve Dual Voltage Hose (or Direct Connect with built-in 120 volts and 24 volts)

WARNING:  To use with Super Valve inlets with built-in 120 volts and 24 volts only 

This central vac hose features a special hose-to-inlet adapter with an additional 2 springs for 120 volts connection built-in inside the vacuum inlet valve. This hose is only compatible with Super Valves or Direct Connect installations.

The Super Valve hose also features a 3 positions on-off switch for remote control of central power unit and powerbrush. This hose generally comes with the ergonomic gaz pump style handle and is 360 degrees swivel to avoid kinks. Available in 30' and 35' versions.

pigtail vacuum hoseThe Standard Dual Voltage Hose (Built-in 120 volts and 24 volts)

This model of vacuum hose features a pigtail power cord to supply 120 volts coupled with the inlet valve adapter. This hose is compatible with all types of installations respecting the industry's standard. This vacuum hose is also the most popular among carpet and pet owners.

The standard dual voltage hose handle also comes in gaz pump style ergonomic format with 360 degrees swivel adapter and a 3 positions on-off switch for remote control of central unit and motorized carpet beater. Available in 30' and 35' versions.

central vacuum basic hose no electricityThe Basic Electric Hose with 120 Volts Only

Most budget friendly hose option to pair with a motorized power nozzle.

The basic electric hose for central vacuum systems features a pigtail power cord coupled with the vaccum inlet valve adapter to power up the 120 volts receptacle located on the hose handle. 

This type of hose doesn't have a switch. Central vacuum unit starts when the hose is inserted in the wall plug and in order to stop the vacuum you have to remove the hose from the inlet valve.

The powerbrush is only turned on when plugged in the receptacle, and to stop it you have to unplug it.

Available in 30' and 35' versions only.

Hide-A-Hose, Retraflex, Rapidflex Retractable Hose Systems 

  • The hose system that hides inside the wall!
  • Always ready to serve!
  • No More Hose to Store!
  • Easy to install during construction or renovation
  • Can be install in existing homes if you have access to ceiling!
  • Do-It-Yourself, or hire a professional!

The Hide-a-Hose central vacuum hose system is simply a must. It is now easy to use and dispose of the hose in a matter of seconds. 

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