Deco Vac Central Vacuum Bags for DV30

Deco Vac Central Vacuum Bags for DV30

Deco Vac Central Vacuum Bags

Deco Vac Central Vacuum Bags for DV30

  • Deco Vac TDSAC03M TDSAC03N TDSAC03C central vacuum bags
  • Package of 3 bags
  • First quality heavy duty electrostatic HEPA certified cloth bags
  • 3 layers (3 ply)
  • 4 Gallons capacity (18 Litres)
  • 3 notches adaptor 
  • Compatible with MVac central vacuum systems models:

19.95 $CAD

Additional Informations:

Why do I need to replace my vacuum cleaner bag?

All vacuum cleaners, including central vacuum systems, equipped with a dust collecting bag, need to have their bags replaced at some point. Maintenance is essential to maintain the full power and suction strength of your vacuum cleaner. Additionally, the motors are cooled by the air circulating freely in the vacuum system, so if there is a blockage in the overly full bag, the motor may risk overheating.

Here are the reasons to replace your vacuum cleaner bag:

  1. Maintain maximum suction power.
  2. Allow the motor to cool, thus extending its lifespan.
  3. Prevent blockages and clogs in the vacuum cleaner's system.
  4. Periodic maintenance simplifies overall appliance maintenance.

How often should I replace the vacuum cleaner bag?

The answer to this question varies depending on the frequency of vacuum use and the area it is used to clean. The presence of pets in the house is also a factor that accelerates the filling of the bag or tank of both traditional and central vacuum cleaners.

As a general rule, for a central vacuum, we suggest replacing or at least inspect and check the bag every season change, approximately every 3 months.

Of course, this suggestion is a precaution. Most people change the bag only 1 or 2 times a year, depending on the central vacuum dust capacity. In homes with pets, due to odor formation in the vacuum cleaner from pet hair and moisture, this frequency may increase.

For a traditional portable vacuum cleaner, we recommend replacing or checking the bag every 1 to 3 months.

Note that a vacuum cleaner bag is considered full when it is filled to 2/3 of its maximum capacity.

Some devices have light or visual indicators (check bag indicator) on the vacuum cleaner to alert you when it's time to replace the bag and perform maintenance. If the indicator warns you, don't wait, replace the bag immediately!

What other maintenance should I do on my vacuum cleaner?

When replacing the vacuum cleaner bag, ensure that the filter is in good condition and properly positioned to do its job. Checking the filter is important because it protects the motor in case of a dust bag failure.

Some filters need to be replaced at a certain frequency to ensure the proper functioning of the vacuum cleaner. Please check the instruction and operation manual for your vacuum cleaner to learn about the specific requirements for your device. The same filter check procedure applies if your vacuum cleaner does not use a bag.

Some vacuum cleaners have washable filters, while others should never be washed. We always recommend having a spare replacement filter ready to use in case of a problem with the current vacuum filter in use, just as we strongly suggest keeping several bags in stock for maintaining your device.

Can I vacuum plaster or gypsum dust with my vacuum cleaner?

Fine dust such as plaster, gypsum, or cement dust should be avoided when vacuuming. Fine dust clogs the pores of the fabric/cloth or paper of the collector bag and almost certainly causes the motor to overheat because there is less air passing through the vacuum cleaner's filtration system.

Fine dust can also pass through the bag and block the vacuum cleaner's filter, also causing the motor to overheat and likely leading to its premature failure.

If only a small amount has been accidentally vacuumed, replace the collector bag immediately to avoid damaging the vacuum cleaner. If you can wash the filter as well, do so immediately.

If your vacuum cleaner does not use a collector bag, it is essential to clean the device's filter immediately or replace it if it cannot be effectively cleaned.

Fine dust particles are so small that even with a bag and filter, this dust can pass through them and lodge in the motor fans, causing an imbalance in rotation and permanently damaging the motor.

We recommend using a workshop vacuum cleaner, such as a Shop-Vac, with a specialized filter and bag for this type of dust pick up when dealing with fine dust. Avoid using your everyday vacuum cleaner for renovation tasks!

What are the types of vacuum cleaner bags? Which one is the best?

There are several types of vacuum cleaner bags, including paper and fabric/cloth bags. Additionally, there are HEPA-certified (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) material or fabric/cloth bags.

Fabric/cloth bags are automatically of higher quality than paper bags. However, they are generally a bit more expensive.

We always recommend purchasing cloth bags if they are available for your vacuum cleaner model because they are more durable and less likely to tear or burst if accidentally overfilled. Moreover, cloth bags resist moisture better if there is any formation in the tank of your vacuum cleaner.

Traditional paper bags are used less and less by vacuum cleaner manufacturers as indoor air quality becomes increasingly important, and efficiency standards become more demanding. Cloth bags, especially those certified HEPA, offer better filtration quality and, consequently, improve air quality in the home.

People suffering from allergies and asthma should always have a HEPA-quality fabric bag in their vacuum cleaners.

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