Solution 700 Central Vacuum Package with Deluxe Attachments

Solution 700 Central Vacuum Package with Deluxe Attachments

Solution 700 Central Vacuum Package Solution 700 Central Vacuum Package

Solution 700 Central Vacuum Package with Deluxe Attachments

  • Solution 700 central vacuum power unit 
  • Powerful 700 airwatts motor
  • 138" waterlift suction power motor
  • 138 CFM motor
  • Lifetime of the motor estimated at 800 hours
  • Powered by Lamb Ametek 122264 Thru-flow motor
  • 2 stages motor 5.7" diameter
  • Power unit size: Height 28in / Diameter 12in
  • HEPA certified filter
  • Electrostatic disposable dust bag that exceeds HEPA certification standards (TDSAC03M)
  • Capacity of 4.5 gallons of dust and debris
  • Compact and easy to install almost everywhere
  • Perfect for an appartment, condo or house with maximum 10 central vacuum inlet valves
  • Superior design with black high gloss finish
  • Easy maintenance, remove lower canister to access bag and motor filter
  • Only 58 decibels
  • Made in Canada, Quebec
  • 10 years warranty
  • Includes wall mounting installation bracket for power unit
  • Includes 1 TDSAC03M bag + 1 HEPA filter
  • Includes 1 external add-on muffler and adaptors

All our central vacuum systems and power units include the quick setup, easy hook up installation parts kit

  • 2x flexible hoses sections 2in diameter x 24in length
  • 2x male x male pipe adators to allow extension of the hoses
  • 4x solid stainless steel hose clamps
  • 2x wall fixtures for hoses
  • This kit is the ideal way to setup your new central vacuum machine to your existing installation of PVC tubing. It is easy to install and no need to run at the hardware store to finalize your installation. It is all in the box!

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Additional Informations:

Why choose a Solution central vacuum?

Solution central vacuums are manufactured here in Quebec by a family with over 40 years of expertise in the vacuum industry. Solution vacuum cleaners are designed by real technicians and engineers with the goal of offering a superior quality product, using only the best motors and components available in the industry, while maintaining the best value for money.

A central vacuum with average use of 30 to 60 minutes per week should last more than 15 years, depending on the model, and we aim even higher.

Solution builds durable and efficient central vacuum systems. If you want to buy the best central vac system, look for this name and logo.

What is the filtration quality of Solution central vacuums?

All Solution central vacuums have HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) certification, which is the highest standard in filtration quality.

All Solution models operate with a HEPA certified cloth dust bag to collect the dust and debris, in addition to a filter that protects the motor. Therefore, there are multiple stages of filtration in each devices, increasing their effectiveness in capturing dust, allergens, and other airborne particles. 

Here is a small table illustrating the filtration and dust recovery modes of the 4 Solution central vacuum models:

Note that Solution 600T, Solution 600, and Solution 700 models must have at all time dust bags to function properly. The Solution 800 model, on the other hand, is a hybrid model that allows the vacuum to operate with or without a vacuum bag.

Using a recovery bag in your central vacuum greatly improves its filtration capacity. Additionally, the disposable bag makes vacuum maintenance easy during servicing. There is no direct contact with dust, and the main filter protecting the motor stays clean over the years, with no need for replacement.

For people suffering from allergies or respiratory problems, we recommend purchasing a HEPA certified central vacuum with a recovery dust bag. This way, you will trap over 99.5% of dust in the vacuum and limit your exposure to airborne particules.

Each Solution central vacuum has a ventilation port (exhaust) for piping installation to vent the power unit out of the home, sealing the centralized vacuum system 100%. This same air outlet port can be used to install another filter that will capture dust or allergens directly at the outlet of the device.

How to choose the right central vacuum for my home?

First, determine how many vacuum inlets you will need and the area per floor of the house. The larger the house, the more suction inlet ports there will be. This will influence your choice of vacuum because the more piping there is in the walls, the more powerful the motor needs to be.

Once the number of inlets is determined, you can start comparing the suction power of different models.

The most important measurement unit for comparison is inches of water ("H20). Airwatts are also used to measure suction power in relation to CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). We recommend looking at the inches of water first since it is the unit of measurement for raw suction power.

For example, if you put your hand at the end of the vacuum hose, the force of attraction or suction you feel is measured in inches of water ("H20).

Central vacuums range from 90 to 220 "H20. Some models with multiple motors can exceed 220" H20.

What is the ideal power for a central vacuum for small houses, condos, and apartments?

For a small house, condo, or apartment, a model with 110 to 120" H20 is generally sufficient since there will rarely be more than 4 vacuum inlets or 3000 sq. ft. of total area to clean.

The majority of bungalow-style homes (basement + 1 floor) have only 2 vacuum inlets.

The majority of condos and apartments have only one inlet.

As a general rule, a central vacuum with 120" H20 and 600 airwatts is more than reasonable for this type of residence.

In the Solution lineup of products, the following models are the best sellers for small houses, condos, or apartments:

Solution 600T Central Vacuum (compact, top-accessible tank ideal for very restricted spaces, 120" H20, 610 Airwatts)

Solution 600 Central Vacuum (compact, traditional low-detachable tank, 120" H20, 610 Airwatts)

What is the ideal power for a central vacuum for medium-sized houses, cottages, or multi-storey townhouses?

Since these types of houses generally have several floors, and therefore several vacuum inlets (usually between 3 and 6 inlets), we suggest raising your power requirements to over 130" H20. For example, for a cottage-style house (basement + ground floor + upper floor) of about 3000 to 6000 sq. ft. with 1 to 2 inlets per floor, the Solution 700 central vacuum model is the best value available in this brand. This model can easily support an installation of up to 8 inlets or a total area of about 8000 sq. ft.

What is the ideal power for a very large house?

Is your house even larger? No problem. With more than 6 inlets and up to 10 inlet valves, the Solution 800 model is our most powerful to date. It has a Heavy Duty type motor (larger fans that generate suction) with more than 145" H20.

This device is perfect for houses over 5000 sq. ft. and can go up to 10,000 sq. ft. of area.

Of course, a less powerful vacuum can also do the job. These are just simple recommendations based on our experience.

A central vacuum can never be too strong or too powerful regardless of the type of residence. The goal of providing guidelines for choosing your central vacuum is to ensure that we help you make the best possible decision. Cleaning the house is not the most interesting thing to do, so you better have the right tools!

What is the lifespan of Solution central vacuum motors?

The lifespan depends on the model of the motor itself. Generally, the smaller the motor, the shorter its lifespan. However, the quality of design is also an important factor. It is important to choose a vacuum within your budget, but also with durability as a top priority. If you use your vacuum for 3 hours per week, you will need to consider this aspect before making your choice, as it will influence its lifespan.

The Solution 600T and Solution 600 models have a 4.7-inch diameter Domel motor with a single oval-shaped fan. This motor has a theoretical lifespan of an average of 500 hours of operation. Therefore, it will have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years with 30 minutes of use per week versus 10 years with 1 hour of use per week.

The Solution 700 model has a 5.7-inch thru-flow technology motor with a theoretical lifespan of 800 hours. So, approximately 30 years with 30 minutes of use per week and about 15 years with 1 hour of use per week.

The Solution 800 model, with its Heavy Duty 6.6in diameter type motor, has a lifespan of 1500 hours. It can easily last 60 years with only 30 minutes per week of use under the best possible conditions and more than 30 years with 1 hour per week of use. This model is undoubtedly the best choice for people who clean multiple times a week totaling 2 hours or more of use. With 2 hours of use per week, this device can survive for more than 15 years.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of central vacuums sold in hardware stores and large supermarkets generally have very low-quality motors with a lifespan of at most 4 to 5 years. These are often models sold at a discount with very poor customer reviews. The purchase of a quality central vacuum can sometimes be more expensive at the time of purchase (and sometimes it's not even the case because our prices are very competitive), but it will be a much more cost-effective investment in the long run.

What are the warranties on Solution central vacuums?

Warranty conditions vary from one model to another. Here they are:

Solution 600T and Solution 600: 10-year warranty on parts and 3 years on labor.

The warranty for parts is modulated as follows: Parts are guaranteed at 100% of their replacement value for the first 5 years of the warranty period. For the last 5 years of eligibility for the warranty, the parts coverage is 50% of their value. So, if a motor costs $200 to replace, only $100 will be required to provide you with the replacement motor.

Solution 700 and Solution 800: 10-year warranty on parts (100% of the parts are covered) and 5 years on labor.

All parts are guaranteed at 100% of their values until the end of the 10th year of the warranty.


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