Airstream Central Vacuum Systems

Airstream Central Vacuum Systems

Airstream Central Vacuum Systems Airstream Central Vacuums

Airstream Central Vacuums

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Airstream Central Vac and Attachments Packages

Airstream Central Vacuum Systems Airstream Central Vac Accessories and Attachments

Airstream Central Vac Accessories and Attachments

Airstream Central Vacuum Systems Airstream Central Vac Accessories Kits

Airstream Central Vac Accessories Kits

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Airstream Central Vac Bags & Filters

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Airstream Central Vac Parts

Why choose an Airstream central vacuum?

Airstream central vacuum systems are part of the larger Trovac Industries family, the manufacturer of the highly reputable Cyclo Vac brand. The quality of construction of these devices is undoubtedly excellent. Aspirateursenligne is a major partner of Trovac Industries for the online marketing of Airstream vacuum cleaners. Our online store allows you to compare and choose the right vacuum for your home. We also guarantee the best price at all times and offer free delivery across Canada and the United States for all orders of $100 or more*.

What are the different models of Airstream central vacuums?

At the moment, Airstream central vacuum systems are available in 2 models with different configurations. Each model corresponds to an ideal house size. Since each house is different and the number of suction inlet valves varies from one house to another, you must choose your vacuum model accordingly to ensure sufficient suction power for cleaning and lifting dust from the floor.

The Airstream AIR1000 Model (AAIRSTRE1A)

The Airstream AIR1000 central vacuum is ideal for homes of 3500 sq ft and smaller. It is perfect for supporting a piping installation ranging from 1 to 6 inlet valves while maintaining powerful suction.
Its Domel motor with 1 fan generates a suction power of 120 inches of water lift and 600 air watts with an airflow of 117 CFM. This motor is designed for an average lifespan of 500 hours, which is about 10 years based on 1 hour a week usage. Considering that usage varies from one user to another, with 30 minutes of cleaning per week, this vacuum can last for more than 20 years without maintenance.
The noise level of the AIR1000 model from Airstream is 64 decibels compared to 58 decibels for the AIR2000 model.

The Airstream AIR2000 Model (AAIRSTRE2A)

The Airstream AIR2000 central vac system has a very long lifespan motor and is also more powerful than the AIR1000. The Lamb Ametek motor of the AIR2000 has a large diameter of 6.6 inches with 2 stages of fans. Thanks to its 2 large fans, the motor is capable of delivering up to 143 inches of water lift suction power with 650 air watts and an airflow of 130 CFM.
The AIR2000 model is therefore capable of serving very large homes up to 7000 sq ft of living space as well as up to 10 vacuum inlet valves.
This model is suitable for very large homes with or without carpets.
Additionally, since its motor is larger, it runs at a slower speed, making less noise, at only 58 decibels.
The biggest difference between the AIR1000 and AIR2000 models is the lifespan of the AIR2000 model. The AIR2000 is designed for users who do a lot of cleaning! Its motor has a lifespan of over 1500 hours compared to 500 hours for the AIR1000 model. That's 3 times longer life time! For example, with an average cleaning time of 1 hour per week, the model can last 30 years, and with 120 minutes of cleaning, over 15 years in theory. Obviously, other wear factors may come into play, but ultimately, it is an appliance with an extremely long life. It might be the only vacuum you need for your entire life!

How do Airstream central vacuums filter system works?

The filtration technology of Airstream devices is very simple yet highly effective.
The filtration system of the 2 Airstream models is identical. It consists of a self-cleaning HEPA-certified filter with the option of being combined with a dust recovery bag.
The Airstream self-cleaning filter is a premium fabric filter with an antibacterial and Teflon protective coating to prevent dust from adhering. It meets the highest vacuum industry filtration standard, the HEPA standard (High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter). The filter has a weight that lifts with suction force and descends when the vacuum stops. This type of filter automatically shakes off the dirt that temporarily sticks to it when used without a recovery bag.
When the filter is combined with the 3-layer electrostatic HEPA material recovery bag, you get a double HEPA filtration system. The bag facilitates vacuum maintenance as emptying it is easy. You just have to remove the bag and throw it in the trash, then put in a new one. During emptying, the user is therefore not in contact with dust, and the risk of spills is almost zero.
The combination of the HEPA filter with the HEPA bag is a great asset for people suffering from allergies, asthma, and various respiratory problems. The particles sucked by the vacuum are trapped in the tank and in the bag and cannot escape. This greatly improves the air quality in your home and protects its occupants.
Airstream vacuums have an exhaust air outlet that can be connected directly to the outside of the house, evacuating and sealing the central vacuum system 100%. With this type of exhaust, some of the noise produced by the motor is also evacuated outside the house.

Modern and neat design

With their high-end design and construction, Airstream vacuums are elegant and have a sleek presentation. The choice of materials and the quality of the paint contribute to this. The brushed aluminum finish of the detachable tank and the upper head, combined with the vibrant color with a glossy finish, will be an interesting addition to your mechanical room and garage.
Its ease of installation is astounding. A simple wall mount bracket and 2 screws are required to fix the device to the wall, and the bracket is provided with the device. All you have to do is connect it with the vacuum pipe to its entry port.
Access to the bag and filter via the detachable tank is easy and convenient. The tank clips are easy to unclip and reinstall.
Airstream devices feature superior soundproofing to reduce the noise produced by the motor's rotation. They are quieter than the vast majority of central vacuums.

What accessories and hoses are compatible with Airstream central vacuums?

The Airstream brand of central vacuum system is compatible with all brands of suction inlets, hoses, and vacuum accessories, brushes, and tools.
You can therefore replace any vacuum with an Airstream model and keep the accessories you already own without any problem. Otherwise, if you need to replace the accessories and your vacuum hose, we have a wide selection of models compatible with the Airstream brand. We also have combo kits with vacuum power unit and accessories all included with a certain discount applied. Inquire with one of our advisors by phone or email or simply visit our Combo section.

Are Airstream central vacuums compatible with retractable hose systems that go into walls?

The answer is yes! You can install a retractable hose system from brands like Retraflex or Hide-a-Hose with Airstream vacuums without any problem. They are powerful enough!
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