TurboZoom Turbo Brush Carpet Beater for Central Vacuum

TurboZoom Turbo Brush Carpet Beater for Central Vacuum

TurboZoom Turbo Brush Carpet Beater TurboZoom Turbo Brush Carpet Beater

TurboZoom Turbo Brush Carpet Beater for Central Vacuum

The TurboZoom is comparable to the TurboCat but is more design and available in a nice gloss finish. The main difference between the two models is that the TurboZoom features a flat belt instead of a toothed belt.

The TurboZoom turbo brush for central vacuum is the most voluminous and largest turbo carpet beater available but is also the most performant air driven carpet brush on the market when used in combination with a powerful central vacuum systems around 125" of waterlift or more than 600 Airwatts to make sure the brush has enough power to rotate to its maximum strengh. Being larger, wider and heavier, the Turbo Zoom is more efficient on heavy or shaggy carpets than any other models of turbo carpet beaters. We also recommend the Turbo Zoom for any types of carpets but mostly for wall to wall carpeted rooms. The Turbozoom features a bumper all around the cleaning path to make sure it doesn't mark or damage your walls or mouldings when vacuuming around. The Turbo Zoom for central vacuum has a removable compartment under it that makes maintenance easier but also gives access to the turbine to remove anything that could cause a blocage or a clog. The TurboZoom owns a bigger high revolution turbine and a better gear systems and brush roll than any other models. With enough power and air suction, it is definitely the best buy and best add-on for a central vacuum system if you have a lot of carpets or heavy, shaggy carpets around the house.

  • More design and modern than the TurboCat
  • Recommended for central vacuum systems with more than 125" of waterlif or more than 600 Airwatts
  • 14" wide cleaning path
  • More voluminous and more powerful high revolution turbine
  • Heavy duty flat belt
  • More resistent gears and better roll brush
  • Heavier and larger, very effective on heavy or shaggy carpets
  • Ideal for all kinds and types of carpets

248.95 $CAD

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