Electric Power Brushes and Hoses Kits

Electric Power Brushes and Hoses Kits

Electric Powerbrush PN33 with Deluxe

Electric Powerbrush PN33 with Deluxe Dual Voltage Hose Kit

  • Electric powerbrush kit with Intertek PN33 power nozzle, built-in electricity telescopic wand and Deluxe dual voltage hose
  • Deluxe Plastiflex dual voltage hose with built-in 120 volts and 24 volts electricity
  • Hose is compatible with all brands and models of central vac inlet valves
  • 120 volts power cord at the end of the hose to plug in a regular 120 volts outlet
  • Telescopic fully adjustable wand with built-in 120 volts, no apparent wire
  • Quick release on both ends of the wand for easy setup and unmounting
  • Heavy duty geared belt
  • Electronic overload belt and motor protection with reset switch
  • Powerbrush with foot pedal for different height adjustments to fit all type of carpets and rugs
  • 3 years warranty on hose, 2 years on wand and powerbrush

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