Vacuflo Vacuum Filters

Vacuflo Vacuum Filters

Vacuflo 7 Tall HEPA Filter

Vacuflo 7" Tall HEPA Filter for Central Vacuum Systems 8106-1

  • Vacuflo HEPA central vacuum filter
  • 7" tall 
  • # 8106-1, replace # 8106, 8601, 8601-01, 8106-05, 8106-12
  • Dirt Devil central vacuum systems: Dirt Devil Platinum Force, Dirt Devil Red Series & Dirt Devil White Series 
    Dirt Devil Models: 299e, 390, 499e, 590, 599e, 599e-C, 690, 690c, 799e, 799e-C, 890, 990, 990-c, 1099e, cv1800, cv2000, cv2200, cv2400, CV2250, cv2600, CV2650, Pro 690, 599e, CV2600, Pro 990, 799e, CV1800, CV1850

    All Filtered Cyclonic Series Vacuflo models: FC300, FC310, FC520, FC530, FC540, FC550, FC550-C, FC610, FC620, FC650, FC650-C, FC670, FC1550

    Royal Tranquility Series, Royal models: CS400, CS600, CS620, CS620-C, CS800, CS820, CS820-C

    Titan TCS-5525

    Vroom: FC25, FC35C, FC55, FC65, FC65C

69.99 $CAD

Vacuflo 10 Tall HEPA Filter Vacuflo 10 Tall HEPA Filter

Vacuflo 10" Tall HEPA Filter for Central Vacuum Systems 8107-1

  • Vacuflo HEPA central vacuum filter
  • 10" Tall
  • # 8107-1
  • Fits vacuum models 
  • Vacuflo models: FC1550
  • Royal models: CS1200
  • Dirt Devil Pro Series models: 1390 Dirt Devil Platinum Force models: 499e, 599e, 699e, 799e and 1099e Dirt Devil model: CV3200

9999.99 $CAD

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