Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacuum Buying Guide

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacuum Buying Guide

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacuum Buying Guide Central Vacuum Accessories and Attachments

Central Vacuum Accessories and Attachments

Central vacuum system accessories, attachments and hoses buying guide. Review and compare all different types of vacuum cleaner accessories and attachments.

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacuum Buying Guide Central Vacuum Installation Guidelines

Central Vacuum Installation Guidelines

The central vacuum installation's guide is a serie of guidelines on how to choose the ideal central vacuum installation for your needs but also presents accessories and add-on technologies available

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacuum Buying Guide Compare and Review Central Vacuum Units

Compare and Review Central Vacuum Units

How to compare and review central vacuum systems. Vacuumsonline gives guidelines on how to choose the proper central vacuum power unit for your house.

Reasons to Buy a Central Vacuum System


  • Unbeatable suction power
  • No bulky canister to carry around the house
  • Less maintenance over the years than a traditional household vacuum
  • Less expensive along the years because a central vacuum system offers more dirt capacity and most of them can operate without a bag
  • A built-in vacuum system produces less noise because it is installed somewhere else inside the house
  • Central vacs have a wider range of accessories and attachments available, retractable hoses and many other devices like Vacpan, Wallyflex and many more
  • Added value to your home
  • It is simply easier to clean the house with a central vacuum. 


  • Requires an installation. But don't worry, we will assist you along the process and we have detailed Do-It-Yourself instructions on how to perform a professional central vacuum system installation.

More Affordable than a Regular Vacuum Cleaner

Portable vacuum cleaners from reputed brands can cost up to 1500.00$ or even more. The main problem is that these portable cleaners aren't worth the money you are going to spend if you choose to consider the installation of a central vacuum system. The other problem is that the price tag on these vacuums isn't taking into consideration the money you will also have to spend on maintenance, bags and filters along the years which are also very costly. In fact, a canister or an upright can cost an additional 100.00$ of bags and filters every years.

A built in vacuum system, or central vacuum, with models starting as low as 350.00$, are most of the time more affordable than portable vacs, but nonetheless, it is considered a real investment because it adds a value to the house. For the average North American house, the central vacuum price range is in between 550.00$ and 1000.00$. Of course some models use more technology or extremely powerful motors and can be worth more than that, but generally, residential home owners will not have to spend much more than 1000.00$ to equip their houses with good quality systems and complete attachment sets with accessories.

The installation of a central vacuum can represent additional costs when it wasn't planned while the house was in construction, but required parts are most of the time inexpensive compared to the price of the power unit and accessories. For example, at Vacuumsonline, the installation of 1 inlet represents 43.00$ in parts. That price includes all the necessary fittings, approved standard pvc pipes and parts for a complete do-it-yourself central vacuum installation.

Most residential installations require less than 4 inlet valves to reach all the floors and areas of the house, with that number in mind, we can say that installing the system cost less than 200.00$ in parts and materials.

Long Term Investment

Buying and installing a central vacuum in your house adds value to your property. So every dollar you spend on such a cleaning system is going to pay back big bucks when the time comes to sell the house. Nowadays, people who buy houses are looking for these add-ons because they clean better, are simply more convenient, easier to use and require less maintenance than portable canisters or uprights. Compared to a portable vacuum that needs to be replaced every few years, central vacuum systems are meant to last more than 15 years. This is without considering the time you will be able to spend doing something else than cleaning around the house, because these integrated vacuum systems not only save you money, but save you time as well.

Unbeatable Suction Power and Efficiency

When we compare central vacuum systems to portable ones, technical datas have a lot to tell us. Generally, the average central vacuum power unit is at least 3 times more powerful than its portable brother regardless of the brands or the models choosen for comparison. In a CVS, Central Vacuum Sysem, motors are most of the time 2 to 3 times more voluminous than motors featured in portable vacs. For that reason, CVS are extremely powerful, have more suction and can also move a greater air quantity. Central vacs also feature filters with larger filtration superficies, which increases the amount of air that can go through the system while also decreasing the level of restrictions. Due to its inner conception, a CVS keeps the airflow and also the brute force of suction steady all along the system to give you better overall performances.

Because motors run cooler and stationary, they simply last longer and have better performances to deep clean all types of surfaces, including carpet.

Low Maintenance and Long Term Reliability

With their bigger dirt compartment and larger bags, central vacuum systems require less maintenance than canisters or upright vacuums. They only need maintenance once or twice a year, generally every six months or so. Maintenance costs are usually associated with buying bags. For some other models with cartridge filters or self cleaning action filters, it could also mean changing filters once every three to five years. Many central vacuums feature permanent washable and reusable filter technologies combined with bagless or hybrid systems (with or without bag built-in option) and require no maintenance at all except for emptying the bucket. With bigger bags and better filters, it simply means you will spend less money on aftermarket equipment for central vacs than you would do for portable vacuums.

Central vacuum power units are installed in a remote section of the house, in the basement or in the garage and are fixed on the wall. For that reason, they are less subject to being broken compared to portable ones that can fall down the stairs and fall apart at any moment since they are fragile and built with thin plastics. Forget about lugging around a bulky canister or an upright vacuum cleaner when you can ease your pain with a central vac system when it is time to clean your house efficiently.

The other term that comes with reliability is durability and central vacuum systems were built for both. A 5.7" diameter central vac motor can last up to 800 hours of lifetime while a larger 7.2" diameter motor can last up to 1500 hours. With an average of 30 minutes to a full hour of vacuuming every weeks, that brings a motor's life up to at least 15 years for a central vacuum compared to an average of 5 years for a portable upright. That's what we call durability and reliability.

Ultra Quiet in Operation

Because the power unit is located somewhere else inside the house, like in the garage, the level of noise produced by a central vacuum system is most of the time so low that it can hardly be heard. Technology has evolved so much in recent years that some models only produce around 50-55 decibels. This is such a big difference compared to units manufactured in the early 90s when they used to produce a noisy average of 80 decibels. Nowadays, manufacturers have come up with proper insonorisation techniques like the MVac Anti-VibraSon technology, the DuoVac inner layer of insonorisation materials or the Drainvac polyethylen bodies that tend to isolate the noise to the lowest levels ever experienced. Once again, this is nothing compared to portable vacs that produce noise in the same room as you, disturbing everybody around while you are vacuuming.


Easy Installation

Every home, appartment, condominium or commercial building can integrate a central vacuum system, whether it is in construction, renovation or already built. Planning the installation of the network pipe from the inlets to the central power unit is the most complexe thing to do yet remains pretty simple. The main idea is to plan the shortest possible road between the two, using ceilings or walls to run the pipes from point A to point B. Sometimes using a wardrobe, closet or even the attic is necessary when running inside the walls isn't possible.

Inside a condo or in an appartment, when the central vacuum system wasn't planned during the construction of the building, it is routine to install the power unit inside one of the wardrobe or a closet large enough when there is no mechanical rooms. Manufacturers have come up in recent years with more compact central vacuum units to fit inside these places, like the Drainvac 4 gallons units, the MVac M40 and M44 power units, the DuoVac Air 10 and the Simplici-T, Johnny Vac Condolux and JV700C and finally the Cana-Vac 700-CLS.

Better Air Quality and Cleaner Environment

A central vacuum system is the only vacuum cleaner to deep clean your carpets, hardfloors, bare floors and upholstery. With its powerful suction, it doesn't only pickup dirt and dust on the floors : it captures micro-organisms, allergens and bacterias and trap them into a sealed canister somewhere else in the house, preventing them from being released in the air like a portable vacuum would do. With the exhaust vented outside, you get the perfect filtration system with up to 100% of efficiency since particules are vented directly outside the house, leaving the home and he environment where you live cleaner than ever.

Due to its conception, the central vacuum system is definitely the most trusted and logical cleaning appliance to use when the health and life quality of your family is at stake.

Vast Selection of Accessories, Attachments, Hoses and Technologies

With the largest selection of accessories and attachments available for all types of floorings, furnitures, upholstery and more, central vacuum systems are the best choice to clean your home. You can even groom your pets with specialised brushes for central vacuum cleaners. You can also clean the walls, ceiling fans and other hard to reach corners of the house. With flexible vacuum hoses ranging from 20' to 60' long, it is possible to cover the superficy of a whole floor with only one inlet in most cases without having to be followed by a small unconvenient portable vacuum all around the house.

Central vacuum hoses are also available in various models: basic hoses, low voltage hoses and dual voltage hoses. The Doc-It, Hide-a-Hose and Retraflex retractable hose technology keep the hose hidden inside the walls for an easy access to the cleaning system, how more convenient can that be?

With all other add-on accessories available for central vacuum systems like the Vacpan and Vacusweep automatic sweeper inlets, the Drawervac countertop tray, the WallyFlex and Vroom cleaning stations and numerous other items, cleaning the house has never been easier and fun.



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