Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacs Attachments & Accessories

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacs Attachments & Accessories

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacs Attachments & Accessories Attachment Kits & Hoses

Attachment Kits & Hoses

Find online at the best price central vacuum attachment kits with flexible hoses, floor brushes tools and more. Buy online vacuum cleaner accessories and more

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacs Attachments & Accessories Vacuum Hoses

Vacuum Hoses

All models of electric vacuum hoses, low voltage hoses, central vacuum system flexible hose all lengths

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacs Attachments & Accessories Brushes & Tools

Brushes & Tools

Buy online brushes and tools for central vacuum systems and portable vacuum cleaners

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacs Attachments & Accessories Carpet Beaters

Carpet Beaters

Compare and shop central vacuum systems carpet beaters, turbo brushes, motorized carpet beaters for vacuum cleaners

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacs Attachments & Accessories Hose Socks Covers

Hose Socks Covers

Shop and compare all models of central vacuum systems hose sock covers

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacs Attachments & Accessories Wet & Dry Interceptors

Wet & Dry Interceptors

Wet and Dry Ashes and Fine Dust Interceptor for Vacuum Cleaners

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacs Attachments & Accessories Mufflers


Central Vacuum System Mufflers Noise Reducers

Shop - Central Vacuum - Central Vacs Attachments & Accessories The Essentials

The Essentials

Add-ons for central vacuum systems Wally Flex Vroom Original and Drawervac

Central Vacuum and Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Attachments

Obviously, Vacuumsonline carries a vast selection of vacuum cleaner attachments and attachment kits for all brands and models. No matter what is the surface you have to vacuum, barefloors, wooden floors, ceramic, tiles, carpets and more, we have the right accessories for your vacuum cleaner. We have only the most powerful tools on the market and this all available within a click on our friendly designed webstore. Buy online all your vacuum cleaner items at only one place, Vacuumsonline.

We have in stock all original attachments from every brands, and only the best quality generic and replacement options for central vacuum systems and other portable vacs and this always at the best price guaranteed. We distribute all major brands like Canavac, Drainvac, DuoVac, and MVac..

Our inventory of vacuum floor brushes includes accessories manufactured with only the best materials available like real horsehair and non markable rubber bumpers to prevent wall and furniture damages. Our hoses are namufactured by Plastiflex, the most renowed manufacturer in the industry, which is the hose manufacturer of almost every major brands.

Choose one of our pre assembled attachment sets and take advantage of the best vacuum cleaner tools, at the best price available. Replace your old vacuum accessories and bulky hose by one of our new kits right now. 

Wet and Dry, Liquid Interceptors

Now, it is possible to convert temporarily your central vacuum system or any vacuum cleaners into a portable wet and dry vacuum system with the use of a simple wet and dry liquid interceptor. With such a add-on device it is now possible to pick up a broken glass of water without sponging off the liquid. It is also possible to combine to your central vacuum system a hot water and shampoo cleaning kit to clean your carpets and furnitures without having to pay for professional services that are most of the time out of prices.

Carpet Beaters, Power Nozzles and Air Driven Turbos

There are 2 big families of rotative carpet beaters in the central vacuum and vacuum cleaner world. The first one is the electric power nozzle featuring a standalone motor independant from the rest of the vacuum cleaner. To power up a motorized carpet beater you need to have a 120 volts receptacle at the end of the hose to plug it and get electricity. The less costly option is definately the turbo carpet beater that is actioned by the power of suction of you vacuum cleaner system. We call them turbos because they are using a turbine and a belt to convert the suction power into rotary power and lift the dust and debris from the carpet fibers.

Central Vacuum Systems Mufflers and Noise Reducers Systems

Of course old entry level central vacuum systems are most of the time very noisy because they are less insulated against the noise and vibrations, and most of the time built in a metal canister that acts like a spekaer box to diffuse the noise in a very loud way. To reduce the amount of noise produced by these entry level centra lvac systems, you can install a muffler directly on the output of the vacuum cleaner that will filter the noise and can reduce it up to 25 decibels depending on the environment the unit is installed and how vented the unit is as well. You can recognize these mufflers by their round and cylindric shapes, or rectangular shapes depending on models. 

There are also fan noise reducers that are typically installed on the upper part of the central vacuum system when you find a socketed fan hole to allow the motor to take fresh air and cool down. Without interferring with the air cooling system, you can place a noise reducer that looks like a hat just to cover the fan. High frequencies emitted by the fan will be reduced to a minimum killing even more noise. On dual motor systems like the old DuoVac 1600, you have also a lateral motor socketed on the side of the unit. Side mount noise reducers can also be installed with proper seals. Some years ago, Drainvac manufactured their own noise reducers called AudioProtek. AudioProtek is more design and more efficient than regular hat style noise reducers.

Central Vacuum Hose Socks, Hose Covers, Padded Hose Covers Zippers, Vacsoc

Available in many styles and colours depending on manufacturers, the vacuum cleaner hose covers or socks are designed to protect walls, furnitures and wooden trims all around the house. Hose socks covers with zippers are most of the time made of a anti-static fabric so that pet hair and dust don't stick to it. With the zipper version. it is easy to remove it for a complete wash in the machine. The other type of hose sock available for central vacuum system hoses are the stretched ones. Stretched hose socks are perfect to prevent scratches and damages but are not as easy to remove and wash, well it is almost impossible after being installed, this is why we recommend grey colours or dark colours.

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