Commercial, Industrial and Specialized Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial, Industrial and Specialized Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial, Industrial and Specialized Vacuum Cleaners Drainvac Commercial Vacuums

Drainvac Commercial Vacuums

Drainvac Commercial and Industrial Vacuums

Commercial, Industrial and Specialized Vacuum Cleaners Johnny Vac

Johnny Vac

Johnny Vac Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial, Industrial and Specialized Vacuum Cleaners Backpack Vac Cleaners

Backpack Vac Cleaners

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial, Industrial and Specialized Vacuum Cleaners Floor Polishers and autoscrubbers

Floor Polishers and autoscrubbers

Bare Floor Polishers, Floor Scrubbing Machines and autoscrubbers

Commercial, Industrial and Specialized Vacuum Cleaners Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Liquid Extractors, Carpet Cleaners, Carpet Vacuum Cleaners

Drainvac Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Systems 

Drainvac International is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial central vacuum cleaner systems for warehouses, large facilities, manufactures, restaurants and many more applications. They also design heavy duty commercial carpet cleaners and extractors for professional cleaning contractors. Drainvac has the best equipment for car washes, wet and dry vacuum cleaners for car dealers and more. We have professional accessories, hoses, attachments and carpet and tissue cleaning products, hot water and shampoo kits for ultra deep cleaning.

Take a look at our Drainvac industrial systems with particules separators, ultra fine dust separators and multi station units.

Johnny Vac Commercial Vacs

With the largest possible inventory and unique models, Johnny Vac delivers quality and heavy duty commercial vacuum cleaners for building maintenance contractors, janitors, and professionals. Great selection of wet and dry vacs, uprights vacs, commercial carpet cleaners and liquid extractors, floor machines and many more. If you are looking to compare and review commercial vacuum cleaners, we are your number one stop. Buy online all Johnny Vac parts, vacuum bags, filters and motors. 

Shop-Vac Industrial

The most trusted name in wet and dry vacuum cleaners and portable speciality vacuum systems, Shop-Vac presents its Industrial models built with even more tough materials, more durable motors and heavy duty accessories and attachments. Shop-Vac Industrial models are available in heavy duty composite or in stainless steel bodies for contractors. They make perfect construction vacuum cleaners because they can pick up fine dust like gypsum board dust, concrete dust and with its speciality filters avaiable with HEPA filtration they can be used for decontamination. You can buy online Shop-Vac parts, motors, accessories, attachments, hoses, adapters, shop-vac bags and filters and many more on our website with free delivery for orders over 100$ in North America.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Ideal for restaurants, airplanes, staircases, office cleaning, hotels, motels and cinemas. Because carrying a portable vaccum cleaner all around could be a real pain in some situations, backpacks eliminates the need to have a vacuum that follows you everywhere. With a set of shoulder straps and belts to fix the unit comfortably on your back, it will be easy to vacuum all around furniture, tables and chairs without damages. We have backpack vacuum cleaners made by Ghibli, Johnny Vac, Shop-Vac, Proteam and other professional brands.

Floor Machines, Polishers, Floor Scrubbers

Complete range of professional, commercial floor scrubbing machines for large surfaces, warehouses, stores, shopping centers, grocery stores, gyms and other commercial sites. These machines will clean your floors and polish any surfaces with their dynamic rotations at high speeds. With different types of floor scrubbing pads to accomodate every surfaces and desired finish, we have everything you need to make your floors shine like they were new! Available in different sizes and with different motor speeds, compare and review the best floor scrubbing machines and floor polishes on the market. Perfect for janitorial use in schools, supermarkets and more. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaners, Liquid Extractors

We have the Edic carpet cleaners and liquid extractors for professional use and carpet cleaning companies. If you have large carpet areas like an office floor for example, these carpet cleaning machines avec perfect for your needs. If you plan to offer carpet cleaning machines rental, we suggest you consider our models that are designed for heavy duty use and for professional cleaning results, we stronglt recommend to use our carpet cleaning products and stain removers.

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