DuoVac Central Vacuum Soft Start & Stop Control Module

DuoVac Central Vacuum Soft Start & Stop Control Module

DuoVac Central Vacuum Soft Start

DuoVac Central Vacuum Soft Start & Stop Control Module

  • DuoVac central vacuum control module for new generations of vacuums
  • DuoVac part # MOD-15-110-120-SSC
  • Progressive start and stop feature
  • Intelligent On-Board device with LED
  • Integrated 24 volts Low Voltage Connectors
  • Reset
  • Mini Breaker
  • Relay
  • 15 Amps or less
  • 120 volts
  • Supports 1 Motor only
  • Compatible with DuoVac central vacuum systems:
  • DuoVac Air10
  • DuoVac Sensa
  • DuoVac Symphonia
  • DuoVac Star
  • DuoVac Air 50
  • DuoVac Asteria
  • DuoVac Silentium

Central vacuum electronic intelligent circuit board with progressive start and progressive stop feature compatible with all central vacuum systems with 15 amps or less. This special electronic circuit board is designed to start and stop the power unit's motor slowly to reduce stress on motor components and as for effect to increase the lifetime of all parts and components. Nonetheless, it will reduce the amount of energy and electricity consumed by the unit.

The intelligent device on the board consist mainly of a LED light indicator that will tell you with differents codes (light colours, flash sequence etc) when to service the unit, when to empty the canister or change the bag, when to clean the filters, but also when to check the motor to make sure it is always running at 100%.

This board can be installed in all brands and models of 15 amps or less but can necessitate slight modifications to the casing of the central vacuum.

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