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Lindhaus Vacuum Parts

Lindhaus Residential and Domestic Vacuum Cleaners

Made in Italy, the Lindhaus brand is well known for the overall quality of its carpet power nozzles like the PB12 and the PB14. Built with the highest quality of materials available, these high end, top of the line vacuum cleaners are separated in two large categories. The Lindhaus upright series of vacuums includes models like Diamente, Activa, Valzner and Healthcare Pro that all features a version of the reknowed Lindhaus PB12 carpet beater.

On the other end, you have the canister serie from Lindhaus that includes models like the Aria Red, Aria Elite and Aria Platinum.

No matter which model you are going to choose, dust, allergens and debris will not last very long in the area! They are all perfectly adjusted to perform well on all types of floors, carpeted, area rugs and bare floors like ceramic and tiles, wooden floors and more!

Lindhaus Vacuum Bags, Filters and Parts for Repairs

Vacuumsonline has in stock the vast majority of Lindhaus parts available. We also carry all the bags and filters for your Lindhaus vacuum cleaner. If you are looking for a drive belt, brush roll for power nozzle, vacuum motor or electronic circuit boards, well, we have them all! If the part that you are looking for is not available on the website, please give us a call so we can add it! 1-888-908-0962 for all special requests

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