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Johnny Vac Vacuum Belts

Johnny Vac Household Vacuum Cleaners

Johnny Vac is a canadian household vacuum cleaner manufacturer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, that has a huge experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing vacuum cleaner products all around the world. There is a Johnny Vac vacuum for every cleaning task. The Johnny Vac canister or upright will do an outstanding job at cleaning your home, appartment and condo. Johnny Vac is a logical choice to replace your aging vacuum because it is reliable, built tough and with a reasonnable price.

Johnny Vac vacuums have a highly efficient filtration systems that will remove allergens, acariens, dust and debris from your living environment and entrap them in their seal compartments, bags or dustbins. Most Johnny Vac vacuum cleaners feature HEPA certified filter systems, the highest certification in terms of quality and filtration.

Easy to use everydays, Johnny Vac is perfect to thoroughly clean all kinds of carpets, rugs and hard floors like wooden floors and ceramic and tiles. The suction power produced by all of the Johnny Vac vacuum cleaners are above industry average and are perfect to lift dirt and debris from your floor without any efforts.

Nonetheless, Johnny Vac household vacuum cleaners are built and designed to limit noise and vibrations. The result is a vacuum that will be very quiet in operation. It has never been so fun to clean the house!


Johnny Vac Vacuum Bags and Filters

Vacuumsonline is the largest online retailer for Johnny Vac vacuum products and we have in stock all the models of vacuum dust bags and filters for your machine. We have in stock HEPA cloth bags and traditional paper bags to offer to our cutomers solutions for all budgets.

You will find in our online store all the models of pre motor and motor filters, exhaust filters, secondary filters and more for your Johnny Vac. It is easy to order online, delivery is fast for all destinations accross Canada and the United States. Call us right now to find the matching bags and filters for your Johnny Vac vacuum cleaner at 1-888-908-0962

Parts, Attachments and Accessories for JohnnyVac Canisters and Uprights

Looking for parts to repair your vacuum? We've got them all! Whether you need to replace you vacuum hose, canister wheels, brush roll agitator, power nozzle belts or your motor, we have the largest selection of genuine Johnny Vac parts and accessories. You can find in our online store all the models of floor brushes, carpet nozzles, vacuum tools and adapters. If you need a part that is not listed on our website, please call us and we will find it for you! 1-888-908-0962

Johnny Vac Official Warranty Center and Authorized Internet Dealer

Vacuumsonline and its affiliated stores La Cité de l'Aspirateur are official repair centers and authorized internet dealers for the Johnny Vac brand. For now more than 35 years, we are proud to represent Johnny Vac. We will take charge of your repairs under warranty no matter where you live. Our technicians are the best in Canada for repairing vacuum cleaners from all brands and models. Call us to know the procedure for repairs under warranty at 1-888-908-0962 or email us at We will help you to solve all your problems!

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