Shop - Vacuum Bags and Filters

Shop - Vacuum Bags and Filters

Shop - Vacuum Bags and Filters Bags


Vacuum Cleaner Bags for All Models and Brands

Shop - Vacuum Bags and Filters Filters


Vacuum Cleaner Filters all Brands and Models

Shop - Vacuum Bags and Filters Vacuum Odor Control

Vacuum Odor Control

Vacuum Cleaner Odor Control Bag Fresh Scents

Shop - Vacuum Bags and Filters Carpet Beater Belts

Carpet Beater Belts

Vacuum Cleaner Brush Belts for motorized powerbrush and air driven turbo brushes

Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Looking to buy vacuum cleaner bags online? We are the largest vacuum cleaner parts distributor on the internet and we carry in stock all items in our inventory for fast and free shipping*. Need paper bags, cloth bags, HEPA bags we have all of them. We have all major brands like Beam, Cana-Vac, Drainvac, DuoVac, Electrolux, Eureka, Filter Queen, Johnny Vac, Kenmore, Miele, Numatic, Panasonic, Riccar, Samsung, Sanitaire, Shop-Vac, Vacumaid, Zelmer and more. 


Every vacuum needs a filter to protect its motor from dust, dirt and debris. We have also in stock all the most popular brands vacuum cleaner filters. Need speciality filters like HEPA, charcoal filters, Dacron filtration, wet pick up float systems and parts for wet and dry vacs, we have all of them. Need vacuum cleaner filters for decontamination? We also have what you need. If we don't have your specific model in our inventory, we will find it for you, simply contact us by phone or email.


Belts are required to activate rotative brush in carpet beaters or powerbrushes. Sometimes activated by air turbine, sometimes activated by a single small motor, the belt is required to transfer movement from the turbine (or motor) to the brush. Almost every carpet beater have its own belt so it is very important to verify the make and model before choosing the right belt unless you already know the part number. Note that parts numbers sometimes differ from a manufacturer to an other and can't be used.

Belts need to be serviced at random moments. You should always carry a spair. If not sure which belt to buy, find a similar one in size, usually smaller than the old one because they tend to enlarge with the time and use.

Vacuum Cleaner Odor Control

Definitely very convenient for portable canisters, these disposable devices procure fresh scent to your vacuum while vacuuming around the house. It leaves a fresh smell around while you clean the house. It prevents also bad odors from coming out of the bag. Because sometimes the bag stays for a while in the vacuum, moisture and odors can form inside the bag, this will help keep a fresh smell. Many fragrances are available, some are in shape of bars, others in granulas. This can also be used inside a central vacuum system to give a fresh smell to the exhausted air if not vented outside.

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