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VACUUM PARTS - Hose Parts : 21

Swivel Air Ring for Central Vacuum Hose

Swivel air ring for central vacuum hose. Blocks or releases air to increase or decrease suction power of the central vacuum system. Helps central vacuum brushes to glide more easily on the floor with high suction units or when vacuuming and cleaning curtains for example.

Vacuum Wand and Hose Button Lock Spring Clip Latch
Central Vacuum Basic Hose Inlet Valve Adapter

Central vacuum basic hose end adapter to insert directly in the inlet valve. This adapter is mounted on the hose by screwing it and is used to plug the hose inside the inlet valve. When this adapter is inserted inside the valve, the central vacuum starts automatically.

  • Available in 1"3/8 and 1"1/4 diameters

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Basic Central Vacuum Hose Handle

Central vacuum basic hose handle kit compatible with all flexible hoses of 1"1/4 and 1"3/8 diameters. This hose handle for basic hoses as a built in swivel adapter to avoid kinks and knots while vacuuming around.

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adaptor for regular hose (1 1/4") to Electrolux 36mm

Adaptor for regular hose (1 1/4") to Electrolux 36mm, metal

Super Valve Conversion Kit
Plastiflex Conversion Kit from Direct Connect to Standard Pigtail
Central Vacuum Hose Replacement 24 Volts Circuit Board and Switch

Central vacuum system hose low voltage 24 volts replacement electronic board and switch for repairs. Central vacuum 2 positions replacement board and switch for Plastiflex vacuum hoses. Compatible with old generations of gun style handle hoses.

adaptor wand/hose Electrolux Renaissance beige

Electrolux Renaissance beige adaptor for hose and wand, plastic

Eureka Central Vacuum Hose Handle Replacement
Eureka Central Vacuum Hose Handle Replacement
Eureka Central Vacuum Hose Handle Replacement

Eureka central vacuum hose handle replacement for all Eureka hose models, including low voltage and high voltage flexible hoses handles. Electronic circuit, on and off switch, screws and suction release all sold separately.


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