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Vacuum Bags & Filters - Vacuum Odor Control : 2

Pebble Fresh 1.1oz Granulate Vacuum Bag Deodorizer & Freshener
  • Feather Lite vacuum cleaner bags deodorizer and freshener in granulate
  • Get rid of dirty tobacco smells , pet odors, cooking odors and leave a clean and fresh odor!
  • Vanilla, Lemon Supreme, Mulberry, Island Spice, Country Garden
  • 1.1oz format

Sprinkle around on the carpet and rug, gently shake the container side by side around the room, no need to cover the entire carpet! Just a small amount of the product is necessary to leave a clean and fresh odor all around the room!

To use with your vacuum cleaner or your central vacuum, just put a spoon in the new bag and the vacuum will exhaust fresh air for weeks!

The Feather Lite deodorizer and freshener will destroy smells like tobacco, pet odors, cooking odors, fireplace odors, mold or mildew odors. Feather Lite is not toxic for pets and animals and is friendly for the environment!

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Vacuum Cleaner Bag Air Fresh Sticks Lime Odour Controller

Portable vacuum cleaner and central vacuum bag and dust canister odour controller fresh air sticks 

  • Ideal for pet owners
  • Gives a fresh air smell to the room where the vacuum cleaner is installed 
  • Lime scented fresh air sticks
  • Package of 5 sticks

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