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Miele is the best vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the world and the most popular one. The German manufacturer's product range is very large. Miele actually manufacturers and distributes household appliances, refridgerator, ovens, and of course canister and stick vacuum cleaners. With more than 100 years in experience, nothing comes close to Miele's quality and design. The Miele vacuum cleaner division's mission is to be up to its reputation, which means leave your house clean, with the best vacuum cleaner accessories, the best suction power, with minimum sound. Review and compare all of our Miele canister vacuums and uprights easily, we guarantee the best prices in our Miele Internet Authorized Dealer store. Buying a Miele has never been so easy and convenient.


Miele C1 Hardfloor Miele C1 Cats and Dogs

Miele C1 Classic Serie

The Miele Classic C1 serie consist of two different canister vacuum cleaner models, the C1 Hardfloor and the C1 Cat and Dog. Both models carry the same 1200 watts and 9.5 Amps motor. Both portable vacuum cleaners share the same size with a 4.5L dirt capacity and a reasonnable 4,3Kg in weight. The C1 serie uses Miele Airclean HEPA bags G/N. The filtration system of the Classic C1 models combines a HEPA bags, with a motor primary filter and a HEPA exhaust filter that is efficient up to 99.9%.

The Miele C1 canister vacuum cleaners feature a 6 positions dial switch on the main casing to adjust suction power to different types of surfaces for optimal results. There is also a full bag indicator and an automatic electric cord retriever foot pedal system . The On-Off foot pedal switch is also located on the main casing.The Miele C1 models have a 9m cleaning radius with their electric cord length and flexible hose deployed.

Miele C1 canisters also feature a hidden on board compartment with standard additional brushes and tools always ready to be used. These accessories include dusting tool brush, crevice flat tool brush and the upholstery tool brush.

Miele C2 Compact Canister Vacuum CleanersMiele C2 Compact Serie

The Miele C2 vacuum cleaner serie features more compact models easy to store anywhere. The C2 series is perfect for an appartment or a condo with minimum storage. The C2 models weight in average only 4.8Kg and are very easy to carry everywhere around the house. The Miele C2 is available in 3 different versions, the C2 Hardfloor, C2 TotalCare and the C2 Cat and Dog.

The Miele C2 shares the motor of the Miele C1 serie with 1200 watts and 9.5 Amps.

The Miele C2 models use the F/J/M Airclean dust bag modek. The filter system is the same as the C1. It consist into a primary motor filter, HEPA exhaust filter cartridge combined with a Airclean HEPA cloth bag. This filter system is perfect for allergic people with up to 99.9% efficiency.

The Hardfloor version comes with a combined hardloof and carpet tool brush, with a foot pedal on top of the brush to go from a surface to an other without having to bend over. The Miele C2 TotalCare comes equiped with a turbo carpet beater brush and a hardloof brush separately while the C2 Cat and Dog features a fully electric and mecanic powerbrush for carpets and rugs..

The C2 series also share with the C1 a 6 positions rotary dial to select the suction power according to the type of surface you are cleaning for maximum cleaning results.

Miele C3 Complete Vacuum CleanersMiele Complete C3 

Miele is proud to present the new generation of Miele canister vacuum cleaners, the Miele C3 Complete serie. The C3 serie includes 3 different models ranging from TotalCare, Cat and Dog and finally the Miele beast, The Miele C3 Complete PowerPlus.

This high end serie of vacuum cleaner feature a unique 1200 watts 10.5 Amps motor, more powerful than the C1 and C2 series.

With more dirt and dust capacity, the C3 uses the bags type G and N of 4.5L. The Miele Complete serie weight in average 5.4Kg and are really easy to carry around the house with its ergonomic design. Easy to store everywhere, even in a closet.

With more reach than previous series, the Complete C3 canisters can work within a 11 meter radius. Clean and vacuum a whole floor with the same power outlet. The Cat and Dog version and the PowerPlus comes equiped with 120 volts fully electrical hoses and a cord less telescopic stainless steel wand and many more accessories. The C3 PowerPlus also features an upgraded version of the Miele powerbrush, with frontal lights and a speed and surface type control regulator device on the hose handle at your fingertips..

Of course the Complete C3 Miele canisters feature the same HEPA filter system than the C1 and C2 series.  

Models / Accessories Hardfllor Brush Carpet Beater Hose Type Capacity Clean Radius Filter System Bag Type Weight Speed Control
Miele Classic C1 Hardfloor 2 in 1 brush no Basic 4.5L 9m HEPA G/N 4.3Kg 6 speed rotary dial
Miele Classic C1 Cat and Dog HorseHair Electric On-Off 4.5L 9m HEPA G/N 4.3Kg 6 speed rotary dial
Miele Compact C2 Hardfloor 2 in 1 brush no Basic 3.5L 9m HEPA F/J/M 4.8Kg 6 speed rotary dial
Miele Compact C2 TotalCare HorseHair Turbo On-Off 3.5L 9m HEPA F/J/M 4.8Kg 6 speed rotary dial
Miele Compact C2 Cat and Dog HorseHair Electric On-Off 3.5L 9m HEPA F/J/M 4.8Kg 6 speed rotary dial
Miele Complete C3 TotalCare HorseHair Turbo On-Off 4.5L 11m HEPA G/N 5.4Kg - + Speed Control
Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog HorseHair Electric On-Off 4.5L 11m HEPA G/N 5.4Kg - +Speed Control
Miele Complete C3 PowerPlus HorseHair  Electric  On-Off 4.5L 11m HEPA G/N 5.4Kg Hose Handle Controller


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