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Hoover Household Vacuum Cleaners

Hoover has been around for a long time in the vacuum cleaner industry. Hoover has a large selection of upright and canister vacuums for your house, appartment or condo. Whether it is to clean carpets, rugs, hard floors or stairs, we have the vacuum that you need for the job! Our vacuums are the best when it comes to clean pet hair, allergens, dust and debris on any kind of surfaces. Buy online now from our web store and take advantage of our free delivery everywhere in Canada and USA.

Parts, Accessories and Attachments for Hoover Uprights and Canister Vacuums

We have in our inventory the largest selection of Hoover vacuum accessories and attachments from flexible hoses to bare floor hard floor brushes, carpet tools and brushes, vacuum wands, and more speciality tools. We also have in stock all the models of power nozzle belts, Hoover vacuum parts for canisters and uprights and more.

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