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FilterQueen Household Vacuum Cleaners

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The Filter Queen vacuum cleaners are featuring the same design since 1940. The evolution has been very slow along the years but the performances have always been good overall.

FilterQueen vacuum cleaners for the last 80 years, were mainly distributed by door to door salesmen in USA and Canada. Those vacuums were priced at an exorbitant price compared to today's vacuum cleaners. These vacuums were easy to recognize because they looked like flying saucers mounted on wheels. We all know someone who owned one, whether it is your grandma or your neighbor!

Even if the FilterQueen canister vacuum was modernized along the years, they pretty much look the same and work on the same principles. Most accessories, hoses and attachments have been the same for 80 years.

Today, there is only one model remaining on sale, the FilterQueen Majestic


Parts, Accessories, Attachments for FilterQueen Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuumsonline has in stock the largest selection of parts to fix and repair your older or newer Filter Queen vacuum cleaner. You will find in our online store FilterQueen genuine flexible vacuum hoses, floor brushes, wands, carpet nozzle belts and motors. We also have in our inventory FilterQueen filter cones, filters kit and more.

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