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INSTALLATION PARTS - Tools & Others : 10

Pack of 10 Ty-Raps

Package of 10 Ty-Raps to fix and attach the low voltage wire along the central vacuum pipe network.

Central Vacuum PVC Pipes Glue 60ml

60ml central vacuum PVC glue with applicator for central vacuum system installations.

Original Central Vacuum Motor Safety Valve
Original Central Vacuum Motor Safety Valve
  • Prevents motor fires
  • Prevents motor overheating
  • Prevents motor from suffocating when there is a clog in the piping network or inside the flexible hose
  • Includes T fitting for easy installation
Package of 5 Blades for PVC Pipe Cutter Tool

Recharge blades in package of 5 units for central vacuum 2" PVC pipe cutting tool. Compatible with all models of central vacuum PVC pipe cutters.

FlipBus Central Vacuum Pipes Cleaning Balls for Maintenance
  • Central vacuum piping maintenance system
  • Designed to remove dirt and debris from inside piping network of central vacuum systems
  • Best tool to clean and maintain you central vac system
  • Get constant suction power with a clean system
Central Vacuum Installation Tools PVC Pipe Cutter

Central vacuum PVC pipe cutting tool for 2" diameter PVC pipes with blade included. Composite pipe cutter.

Suction Gage Inches H20 Waterlift for Central Vacuum Systems

Suction gage for central vacuum power measurement or any other vacuum cleaners. Measure you central vacuum power in H20 waterlift, PSI or in BAR depression values.

Central Vacuum Installation Tools PVC Pipe Cutter Aluminium

Professional PVC pipe cutting tool made of aluminium with blade included. Heacy duty PVC 2" diameter pipe cutter for central vacuum system professionals.

140,00 $

Central Vacuum Installation Tools PVC Pipe Cutter Professional Grade

Stainless steel professional PVC 2" diameter pipe cutting tool for professional with heavy duty articulated jonction and blade included. High end first quality central vacuum installation pipe cutter for central vacuum systems.

160,00 $

Tornado Maintenance Cloth for Central Vacuum Systems

Tornado maintenance cloths for central vacuum systems pipes, hose, and ducts

  • Deeply clean all types of central vacuum pipes PVC and flexible hoses
  • Prevents clogs
  • Cleans debris, dust and dirt deposit in the pipes
  • Package of 25 Tornado maintenance cloths


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