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INSTALLATION PARTS - Installation Pipes : 2

Central Vacuum System PVC Piping for Installations 2"
  • Central vacuum PVC pipes 2" diameter, industry standard
  • ASTMF2158, ASTM F2158 highest quality
  • This central vac pvc is answering to all builder codes and regulations accross North America, Canada and USA
  • Fits all brands of central vacuum systems

Central vacuum system PVC pipes for installation. First quality PVC piping for central vacuum systems with standard 2" diameter. Available in many different lengths for all types of installations.

*4 feet lengths PVC pipes

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Central Vacuum System Installation Flexible Pipng 2"

Central vacuum system flexible pipe with 2" diameter for installations in hard to reach areas. Also very practical for Vacpan and Vacusweep installations under cabinets in the kitchen or in the bathroom for example. Also applies to many other applications.

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