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Central Vacuum System Installation Kits

With all the information provided on our website, it is fairly easy to plan and install your own central vacuum system. All homes, appartments and condos, can have their built in system, whether in construction or not. All you need to do, is figure out a place with enough room to install the vacuum motor unit, then using the basement ceiling, adjacent wall, or any corridor you could visualize to run your pipe network to the desired locations for inlet valves. 

Locate a closet, area in the garage, or the space under the staircase to install the power unit, these places are the most populars amont vacuum cleaner specialists for easy and convenient installations. Think about the fact you will need access to the unit once or twice a year for maintenance and enough clearance to avoid overheating problems.

We offer in our webstore the largest selection of professional installation parts and PVC fittings, pipes, all manufactured in Canada. You will find all the necessary informations and materials to complete an easy do-it-yourself central vacuum system installation at Vacuumsonline. Need some advices? Ask our team of certified technician to plan your installation!

How To Plan Your Installation?

To plan the installation yourself, you need to know some facts about built-in vacuum cleaner systems

To determine your installation setup, you need to determine how many inlet valves per floor you are going to install. Standard size residential homes mostly have 1 inlet valves per floor with a 30' or a 35' flexible hose to vacuum around and reach all corners of the floor. Larger homes can have up to 2 inlet valves per floor or more depending on architecture and design.

We have installation kits including everything you need to complete your installation from PVC fittings, pipes, inlet valves, glue and more. Select the built-in vacuum cleaner installation kit matching the number of inlets you have planned, and you are ready to go.

Available Hose Lenghts

Basic Low Voltage Hose: 25', 30', 35', 40', 45', 50', 55', 60'

Deluxe Low Voltage Hose: 30', 35', 40',45',50'

Basic High and Low Voltage (Dual Voltage) Hose: 30', 35'

Deluxe Dual Voltage Hose: 30',35'

Take note that with a standard 30' flexible vacuum hose, you can cover an area up to 60' x 60' without taking into consideration architectures.  The advantage here is that if you can avoid to install a secondary inlet on a floor by choosing a longer hose, you could save on materials and on the time to realize the installation itself.






Standard Installation (Low Voltage Only) VS 120 Volts Integrated Installations (SuperValves, Dual Voltage Inlet Valves)

We always recommend to choose the standard instalaltion option because it does not require that you know basic 120 volts electricity rudiments to avoid physical or material damages to you or the property. Please not that 120 Volts integrated installations are only necessary if you want to use a "super valve hose" to power up a carpet beater (with 2 sprongs male connectors at the end of the main adapter for 120 volts connection and 2 sprongs female connectors on the hose handle for carpet beater electricity).

You can easily make the difference by looking at the inlet valve itself. Open the door and if you find the 2 sprongs female connectors on the forefront of the inlet valve as well as the main hole for hose connection, then you own a 120 volts integrated installation (or supervalves). If you open the door and only find the main hole for flexible hose connection, you have a standard low voltage only installation.

Note that both types of inlet valves and installations features the little two ball connectors inside the main hole for the hose. These ball connectors are there to power up your central vacuum unit when the hose in connected or when the switch on the handle is activated.

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