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CLEANING PRODUCTS - Liquid Products : 12

SafeBlend Glass Cleaner

SafeBlend glass cleaner in format of 950ml. All SafeBlend products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, non corrosive for the environment and people, but also 100% biodegradable.

Sanygam All for One Carpet Extractor Shampoo

Sanygam All for One 946ml carpet extractor shampoo and cleaning solution for all brands and models of carpet extractors. This highly concentrated carpet shampoo is perfect to clean your carpets at home with any kind of carpet extractors and cleaners.

Sanygam Soft Wood Wood Floors Cleaning Product

Sanygam Soft Wood is a wood floor cleaning solution in format of 946ml. This wood floor cleaning product will clean and give a brand new aspect to all your wood floors at home.

SafeBlend Tiles, Bath and Bowl Cleaner

SafeBlend bathroom, tiles, tubs and bowls spray cleaner in format of 950ml. The SafeBlend brand of cleaning products is eco friendly and safe for the environment and the people using it.It is non-corrosive, non-toxic and completely biodegradable.

SafeBlend Tangerine Multi Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

SafeBlend Tangerine multi purpose cleaner and degreaser in format of 950ml. All SafeBlend products are eco friendly, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive for the environment and the people.

Safeblend Bathroom  Cream Cleaner

Safeblend bathroom cream cleaner in 950ml format. The Safeblend brand is designed to be environment friendly, they are biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive. Safeblend only manufactures products that are safe for the environment and for the people.

Sanygam All Out Carpet Stain Remover

SanyGam All Out carpet stain remover in 946ml format. This super powerful carpet, tissu, fabric and upholstery cleaning product will remove all kinds of stains easily.

SafeBlend All Purpose Bathroom Cleaner

SafeBlend all purpose bathroom cleaner in format of 950ml. The SafeBlend products are completely safe for the environment, eco friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive for the environement and the people.

Sanygam Carpet Pro Dry Foam Soap

Sanygam Carpet Pro dry foam cleaning soap for carpets, upholstery, fabrics and tissus in format of 946ml. This product will get rid of the toughest stains simply using the power of its soap formula and a brushing action. Apply Sanygam carpet pro on the stain, brush it, let it dry and pickup the rest with the vacuum cleaner, no need to use any kind of cleaning machine.

Sanygam Ceramax Floor Grout Cleaner

Sanygam Ceramax is the most powerful floor grout cleaner and is available in format of 1L. This product tile grout cleaner will clean by Sanygam will leave your ceramic grout like brand new after using it.

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