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Vacuumsonline is more than proud to introduce the best serie of central vacuum systems ever designed, The Solution!

The Solution is a new brand of central vacs produced by Vacuumsonline and Trovac Industries, the renowned manufacturers of Cyclo Vac and MVac. Entirely made in Blainville, Quebec, Canada, The Solution serie is built with only the best components available in the industry. Equiped with a powerful motor and the most high tech electronic components, our vacuum cleaners are designed to give you at least 20 years of good and loyal services.

If you were looking for the best quality, the most advanced technology and the best prices, stop here because you just found them. We are the best and the last vacuum cleaner store you will ever visit, because we've got everything you need just a few clicks away!

HEPA Certified Filter System

The Solution breveted and HEPA certified filter system is the best and the most advanced filtration there is. With 2 layers of HEPA protection, a HEPA cloth bag and a HEPA filter, what else can you ask for? Our serie of central vacs will trapped allergens, pet dander, dust and debris in the sealed compartment and will never be exhausted outside the machine. This type of system is recommended for people suffering from asthma, allergies or any other health problems. The HEPA filter combined with the HEPA cloth bag to collect allergens, pet dander, dust and debris, makes this system reliable up to 99.99%. If you are concerned about the remaining 0.01%, we designed an exhaust port to vent the unit outside your home. 

With a full 5 gallons dust capacity, our HEPA cloth bags need to be replaced only once or twice every 12 to 24 months. The bags are biodegradable, so don't worry about mother nature, we kept an eye on her!

Our filters are permanent and never require to be changed or replaced, bottom line. Our central vacs are in fact the most economic vacuum cleaners of the industry, period. 

Powerful in Silence!

The Solution 600

The Solution 600 model is perfect for any types of houses with 6000ft2 or less. With its 600 airwatts and 120" Waterlift suction power, the Solution 600 is recommended for 3 stories houses, cottages, split-levels, town houses, bungalows, condos and even appartments. Its compact size makes it easy to install anywhere in the house. If you don't have a dedicated room to install the power unit, dont worry, it will fit a closet, wardrobe, under the stairs, in the garage or any other spaces. With the built-in AntiVibraSon technology that reduces vibrations and noise caused by vibration, Its innovative design and its inner conception, the Solution 600 is far most advanced than other brands in terms of soundproofing, with only 64 decibels. 

The Solution 700

With its 700 airwatts and 138" Waterlift motor, The Solution 700 is no doubt the most powerful single motor power unit of the industry. Recommended for up to 10 000ft2 of surface area, this vacuum cleaner is the best pick for a large home. Of course, if you are an amateur of power and muscles, this unit is also perfect for condos, appartments, bungalows and multi stories houses. In other words, it is the best central vacuum for anyone who needs a vacuum, bottom line. With its superior soundproofing, design, innovation and AntiVibraSon technology, the Solution 700 is the most quiet vacuum cleaner around, with only 58 decibels. 

Reliable Warranty

Our 10 years warranty on all components and our lifetime warranty on housings is a proof of our engagements towards quality and our customers. Our central vcuum systems are designed for a minimum of 20 years with a weekly usage of around 1 hour. Made in Canada, with the love and pride of Canadians, we are THE SOLUTION, the most effective way to clean your house!

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