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Johnny Vac Central Vacuum Systems

Johnny Vac offers one of the most complete selection of centralJohnny Vac JV700 JV399 JV700C Central vacuum systems vacuum systems for residential, commercial or industrial purpose. Known for its quality and design across Canada and the United States, Johnny Vac innovates with the Lux central vacuum systems serie and the completely new Johnny Vac serie of central vacuum systems, The Johnny Vac Pure Power Serie. Johnny Vac has one of the most reliable hybrid filter system in the central vacuum industry. Johnny Vac features a bag or bagless hybrid filter system combined with a self-cleaning action filter that requires less maintenance than other central vacuum brands.

Built with the quality & price ratio that Johnny Vac reflects among the years, Johnny Vac residential central vacuum systems are trully one of the best deals you can get for a central vac.


Johnny Vac Filtration

Every Johnny Vac central vacuum systems is designed with a hybrid bag or bagless dirt collection system combined with a permanent self cleaning action filter that requires no maintenance. Johnny Vac bags can be purchase in paper or cloth bag versions for a low cost every 2 to 3 years.

Johnny Vac Power

Johnny Vac equips is central vacuum series with built tough electric motor manufactured by Lamb Ametek. Built to last around 800 hours and more, these motors are the very best in the central vacuum industry. From a range of 110"h20 to 170"H20 Waterlift, these motors and Johnny Vac models offers true power at the source.

Johnny Vac Condolux, Powerlux, Superlux RVVac central vacuums

Johnny Vac Quality and Design

The Johnny Vac line of central vacuum systems comes in a wide range of bodies and sizes to fit all your vacuum allocated space even low space areas. While having a full size central vacuum can be convenient for less maintenance, smaller central vacuum systems can be used in appartments or in condos, even existing homes where a central vac was not planned at the very start. Johnny Vac central vacs are built with pride in Canada with the famous american Lamb Ametek motors for up to 15 years of service and true power.

Johnny Vac Accessories and Attachments for Central Vacuum Systems

Johnny Vac offers the largest selection of first quality central vacuum and vacuum cleaner accessories compatible with every brands and makes. Johnny Vac and Vacuumsonline are proud to offer the Doc-It station retractable dual voltage hose system and many more hose systems for central vacuum and vacuum cleaners. We have the largest vacuum cleaner brush selection on the internet, central vacuum muffler, vacuum bags, electric brush, vacuum installation kits and many more.

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