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Drainvac Central Vacuum Systems

Drainvac International is one of the most reliableDrainvac central vacuum systems central vacuum manufacturer available in the vacuum cleaner industry. The Drainvac systems are considered top of the line nonetheless and demonstrate that a central vacuum system can be affordable, powerful and provide the best filtration system available. Drainvac combines silent operation and powerful suction. With the Drainvac central vacuum systems manufacturing quality and materials used you can expect to have one of the quietest and one of the strongest central vacuum on the market. Drainvac central vacuum systems are at their best on carpet, rugs, hardfloors and upholstery. With Vacuumsonline's large selection of tools and accessories, from central vacuum hoses, carpet beaters, brushes and central vacuum systems add-on available, you can own the power itself and use it to your advantage to clean faster and better your living environment.

It's a fact: Drainvac central vacuum systems cut cleaning time in half. They're also easy to use in a variety of different environments. In the domestic residential sector, Drainvac central vacuums can be installed in condos, apartments, houses, cottages, or even RVs. In the commercial sector, many different kinds of businesses benefit from Drainvac's powerful cleaning technology: office buildings, department stores, hotels and motels, schools, warehouses, restaurants, pet shops, car washes, veterinary clinics, libraries, golf clubs, car dealerships, factories, marinas, cinemas, and theatres are among Drainvac's customers.




Which Drainvac Central Vacuum System Fits You Best?


The Drainvac central vacuum hybrid filter system for the Drainvac Pro1 and Pro2 Series, Drainvac S1000 Series, Drainvac Generation 2 Series features a bag or bagless option and a antimicrobien SilverClear filter that can be washed or dryied using the machine. The advantage of the washable Drainvac SilverClear filter is that it filters as new everytime it is washed without having costly filters to buy on a regular basis. The Drainvac cloth bag acts as a primary filter and gives your central vacuum the best filtration system available and suitable for your home.

systèmes d'aspirateur central Drainvac

Drainvac offers two sizes of central vacuum systems. The Drainvac Pro1 and Drainvac S1000 central vacuum series are 4 gallons, more compact and fits where a central vacuum wasn't planned. And you have the full size Drainvac Pro2, Drainvac Generation 2 and Drainvac Summum central vacuum systems series at 9 gallons that requires less maintenance throughout the year.

Drainvac Cyclonik Wet and Dry Central Vacuum Systems

The Drainvac Cyclonik Serie of wet and dry Drainvac Cyclonik Central Vacuum Systemscentral vacuum systems consists into 3 models, the Drainvac DV1R10, Drainvac DV1R11 and Drainvac DV1R15. All 3 have a permenant conic filter system unique to the Drainvac Cyclonik system based on the cyclonic action and cyclonic separation of particles. All 3 Drainvac Cyclonik central vacuum systems features the By-Pass motor system. By-Pass means that the dirt , dust, humidity and air doesn't go through the motors and extends their lifetime by many years compared to other non by-pass motor systems used in cyclonic central vacuum systems. There are many benefits using Drainvac central vacuum systems Cyclonik Technology at home, one of them is the minimum maintenance the Cyclonik series of Drainvac central vacuums require. No need to purchase filters or bags. Plus, with its longer body and extra compartment, it will store more dirt and liquids than any other central vacuum on the market. No restrictions on what you can pick up with that type of central vacuum system. Get the Drainvac hot water and shampoo cleaning kit for your car, living room carpets and furniture. You can now clean everything including stains, pet odours, and many more with the Drainvac Cyclonik central vacuum serie of models!

Drainvac Automatik Central Vacuum Systems

drainvac automatik series central vacuumDrainvac is best known for its sanitary drain connected Automatik central vacuum systems. The Drainvac Automatik Serie consists of 2 models, the Drainvac DV1A100 et le Drainvac DV2A310. The Automatik system requires a connection to a water main because it mixes the dust and debris with water at the central vacuum entrance. The central vacuum when filled with water, dust and debris, flushes away everything down the drain. In a certain way, the Drainvac Automatik central vacuum system is installed like a toilet and flushes down the drain like a toilet. The advantage of flushing down the dirt with the Drainvac Automatik Serie of central vacuum systems is that you never need to do maintenance or empty the dirt recipient. With the Drainvac Automatik Series, you can adapt a hot water and shampoo accessory kit to deep clean carpet, rugs and uphosltery. Professional carpet and uphosltery deep cleaning is at your fingertips and at a fraction of the cost.

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