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Are you in the buying process of a central vacuum system?

A central vacuum system (CVS) is the best option when it comes to clean your home. Vacuumsonline sells only the best brands and models available on the market. Remember, if we don't sell what you are looking for, it is simply because you deserve better. 

Whether you're in the process of building your dream home, or living in an existing house, we've got what you need. And don't worry, a central vac can be installed in every home, in construction or not, and it is fairly easy to do it yourself. 

Let us guide you in the selection of the best CVS available for your situation.

So many advantages compared to household vacuum cleaners!

  1. A CVS is most of the time located in the basement or in the garage, so it is way more quiet than a portable vacuum cleaner
  2. Being in a remote location, air quality inside the house is greatly increased, compared to regular household vacs venting their dusty exhaust in the same room
  3. Better filtration systems, most of them HEPA certified, and the possibility to vent the exhaust outside the house cannot be neglected
  4. So many accessories, attachments and tools available, the list is almost endless
  5. Forget about carrying bulky and heavy portable vacs around the house
  6. Most of CVS are up to 10x more powerful than other household vacuum cleaners like Miele, Dyson, Electrolux and more brands like these...
  7. A good CVS can last up to 25 years without motor maintenance or without being serviced
  8. Dust capacity is so much larger in central vacs, up to 15x compared to portable vacs and uprights
  9. More dust capacity also means less maintenance along the years, you will empty a CVS only once or twice every 12 to 24 months
  10. Hybrid CVS systems can be used without bags, that also means more money in your pocket! Save hundreds of dollars along the years!
  11. Nonetheless, the price... We can equip your home for less than 1000$CAD including the power unit, attachment set and installation kit... some people pay more than that for a dyson or a Miele.... 

And the list goes on.... So a central vacuum system has to be considered...

Well every home should have one!



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