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Buying Guide

Getting Started with Vacuum Cleaners

Buying a household vacuum cleaner isn't probably the funniest thing to do, but choosing carefully could save you time, money and headaches. The first thing you need to know is that there are many different types of cleaning devices, uprights and stick vacs, canisters, handvacs, robots and central vacuum systems. Choosing the model that suits best your cleaning habits and your budget is important.

Uprights and Stick Vacs

Traditionally the most used type of vacuum cleaner in the United States, the upright vacuum is also probably the most inexpensive option when it comes to budget. Many well known brands such as Hoover and Royal Dirt Devil are leaders in those traditional designs. While being more efficient on carpets, some models with brushroll on/off switch can also perform well on other surfaces like wood and tiles. Some models also feature a detachable flexible hose, which is a very interesting add-on in terms of versatility. Uprights are also very easy to move around because you only have to carry the machine, no hose and no bulky canister.


This kind of vacuum can adapt more easily to the different surfaces you have to clean around the house. Soft and gentle on wood floors, they are also easier to handle in stairs compared to uprights. The hose makes it easy to reach corners, inside cabinets, remove dust on furnitures etc. Most canisters are more quiet. If you have a mix or carpets, hard floors and bare floors, we recommend using a canister because of the variety of attachments and accessories.


Small, lightweight, easy to store and also ready to deploy when needed. Many models are available below 75$, except you will not be able to clean the entire house using a handy vac. These vacuums are better to serve has secondary unit for small mess, and rapid cleanup units only. Some are powered by batteries and others by 120 volts power cords. The number of volts is often a pretty good indicator of performances for these kind of models.

Robots Vacuums

Trending in 2015... Robot vacuums. Most of the time over rated, expensive, expensive replacement parts, short run time even at full charge, nevertheless robots vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular as people try to use their time for something else than cleaning the floors. Many brands like iRobots, Roomba and others have large selection of models but none will clean your home like a good old vacuum system and a human with 2 hands. These robots work as standalone units that you place on the floor and activate. The robot will scan the floor with its different sensors or simply use a random pattern to patrol the floors for dust and debris. 

Central Vacuum Systems or Built-in Vacuum Cleaners

Starting at around 350.00$, central vacuums are often depicted as pricey and impossible to install in existing houses, but this is completely false. While installing it in a brand new construction is of course easier, with either a professional or  a little time and advices, you will be able to do it yourself. Central vacs are definitely the most powerful cleaning solution available out there, but it requires some installation and you need to own the house or the condo, appartment to maximize the investment. Clearly, adding a central vacuum to your home is an investment. The range of attachments and accessories, shorter or longer hose lengths makes every system fully customizable 


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