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Central Vacuum Basic Hose with 24 Volts (Low Voltage but no switch)

This type of central vacuu msystem hose is the less expensive and available in many different length. These hose have for effect to start up the central vacuum as soon as it is plugged inside the wall inlet valve and to shut down the system you have to completely remove the hose from the inlet valve as well. These hose are perfect for low budgets or simply as a secondary hose, or garage hose.

Available in 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 feet long versions

Central Vacuum System Deluxe Hose with 24 Volts (Low Voltage 2 Positions Switch)

Central vacuum deluxe low voltage hoses with 24 volts or low voltage only are equiped with an on-off switch to remote control the central vacuum power unit. This means you can start or stop the unit at the simple push of a button located at your fingertips on the hose handle itself. For example if the phone rings it is fairly easy to shut down the vacuum cleaner instead of having to disconnect it.

There are two styles of low voltage deluxe hoses available, the first one being the most popular with its "gaz pump style" handle allowing people with smaller hands to handle tightly the hose. The second one id the "gun style" massive handle that tends to be larger and therefore sometimes less practical for smaller hand grips.

The deluxe low voltage hoses are available in 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 feet long versions.

Central Vacuum Basic Hose with 120 Volts and 24 Volts Combined (Dual Voltage)

The basic electric dual voltage central vacuum system hose works on the same principals than the low voltage basic hose which means that as soon as you insert in inside the wall inlet valve, the vacuum starts, and to stop it, you have to remove or disconnect to hose from the inlet valve itself. However, it is different in a major way as it have the built in 120 volts option easily recognizable with its 5 to 10' pigtail cord that needs to be plugged in a regular home electrical outlet. If you take a look at the other hose extremity on the handle, you will find a 120 volts 2 sprongs female receptacle to plug in a 2 sprongs male adapter to power up your motorized electric carpet beater. The carpet beater starts when connected and to stop it you have to remove the cord from the receptacle as it have no switch to control them.

Less expensive than dual voltage deluxe hose, it is the perfect budget friendly hose for home owners with large areas of carpet who likes to use an electric carpet beater. If you have no carpet or very little carpet, we recommend that you choose a low voltage hose.

Available in 30 and 35 feet long versions only

Central Vacuums Deluxe Hose with 120 Volts and 24 Volts Combined with Pigtail (Dual Voltage 3 Positions Switch)

Deluxe electric dual voltage hoses (120 volts and 24 volts combined) are much more expensive than basic hoses because they feature a much more sophisticated electronical circuit and relay. Just like the basic electrical hose, the standard dual voltage hose features a pigtail cord at the end adapter to connect it to a regular power outlet to get 120 volts electricity at the other end, on the handle. The power outlet is most of the time located within range of the central vac inlet valve otherwise you can use an extension The deluxe standard dual voltage central vacuum electric hose features a 3 positions switch on the top of the handle that allows the remote control of the central vac unit and the carpet beater at the same time. This means you can power on and off everything by the simple push of a button.

Deluxe dual voltage hoses come in two versions, the first one with the "gaz pump style" handle and the second one with the "gun" style handle that is more massive than the previous one. People with smaller hand grips tends to like more the "gaz pump style" handle because it is easier to grip all around.

This type of hose is recommended only if you own an electric motorized carpet beater or if you need one to cover large areas of carpets.

Available in 30 and 35 feet versions only 

Central Vacuums Deluxe Hose with 120 Volts and 24 Volts Combined with Direct Connect or Supervalves (Dual Voltage 3 Positions Switch)

The deluxe electric supervalve central vacuum hose with dual voltage (120 volts and 24 volts combined) is easily recognizable because of the additional 2 sprongs connector located at the hose-inlet valve end instead of having a regular pigtail electric cord like other standard hoses. In consequence, the inlet valve itself is different because it has the 2 sprongs receiver as well as the main hole adapter for the hose. The supervalves have built in 120 volts receptacle designed to power up a carpet beater that you can plug directly at the hose handle where an other receiver 2 sprongs female is located. The supervalve electric deluxe hose with dual voltage also features the same 3 positions switch than standard deluxe hose and have all the same features.

Once again it is strongly recommended that you verify if you own a supervalve installation before purchasing such a hose because it will not fit other standard installations.

Available in 30 and 35 feet versions


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