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Wally Flex Central Vacuum Accessory Cleaning Station
Wally Flex Central Vacuum Accessory Cleaning Station

The central vacuum accessory Wally Flex is one of the most popular add-ons to a central vacuum system. The Wally Flex can be easily installed almost everywhere inside the house but is very popular in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and many more places like inside a cabinet to mention only these ones. The Wally Flex attachment for central vacuum consist into a retractable and extendable hose to quickly pickup dust, debris and dirt without having to take out the conventional vacuum hose. It is normally installed on a wall at the most convenient and desired height and is hooked up to the central vacuum pipe network. Use your central vacuum's power and suction to pickup fast any mess. The hose can be extended to around 13' long and retracts to 2' when not in use.

                    The Wally Flex cleaning station for central vacuum systems includes

  • Mounting bracket or backplate
  • Wally Flex Station Kit
  • Retractable extendable vacuum hose up to 13'
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