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ACCESSORIES & TOOLS - Carpet Beaters

Central Vacuum Motorized Electric Carpet Beater (with electric motor, power nozzle)

Central vacuum systems carpet beaters are available in a wide range of option and products. Their standalone motor completely independant from the power and suction of your central vacuum will assure you it is working always at its full capacity. To power up an electric motorized carpet beater, you first must have a compatible hose featuring an electrical 2 sprongs outlet directly at the hose handle like any of our dual voltage basic hoses, dual voltage deluxe standard hose or for supervalves installation owners, a deluxe supervalve electric dual voltage hose. These vacuum cleaner hoses all feature the necessary components to power up the mechanical carpet brush.

There are a lot of manufacturers out there, but the most reputed ones are Sebo, Lindhaus, Wessel-Werk, VibraGroomer and many other brands we sell on the webstore like Johnny Vac's product line. Available in different sizes as well, you can find mini 6" carpet beaters, 10" versions, more standard 12" products and finally 14" and up to 15" L shaped carpet beaters for more heavy duty and large areas use

Central Vacuum System Air Driven Carpet Beater (no motor, turbo Brush)

On the other side, we have the more budget friendly option compatible with any type of hoses. Here budget friendly doesn't mean less effective except it is related to the power and suction of your central vacuum system itself. The air driven nozzles or air driven carpet beaters features a turbine that is activated by the air moved by the central vac unit. The Turbo carpet beater, this is how they are called most of the time are perfect for any type of carpeted areas, small to wall to wall rooms, rough or shaggy.

The parts and maintenance are most of the time less expensive to rdo and repair, while also being easier for any handy man to replace at home. The most known models are the TurboCat, TP210, TurboZoom which are the biggest ones available, and the other smaller versions available from 4" to 12" large versions are the Rug Rat, Mini Wessel, TK280 and many more.

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