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ACCESSORIES & TOOLS - Brushes & Tools

Vacuum Cleaner Brushes for Hard Floors, Bare Floors, Wood, Tile, Carpets and all Other Surfaces

At Vacuumsonline, we specialize in selling and distribution of central vacuum system accessories and attachments via our webstores and local sales points in Canada and the United States. You will find in our stores only the best articles and items related to central vacuum systems and portable vacuum cleaners, canisters and uprights models. Because we know that the right attachments will help you save time and clean better, we have to offer the largest selection available of first quality vacuum cleaner products. Whether it is to clean hard floors, bare floors, tiles, granite, or marble floors we have the vacuum brush you need to leave these surfaces clean and without damaging them in the long term. For your carpets, we have also a great variety of brushes for all types of carpeted rooms shaggy to rough carpets, no problem we have what you need.

Vacuum Cleaner Tools and Brushes for Upholstery, Furniture and Dusting 

Because floors aren't the only thing to vacuum around the house, we have a great line of products for your central vacuum system and conventional portable vacuum cleaners to clean appliances, electronics, televisions, computers, furnitures, all kind of upholstery and more importantly to dust off anything you would like without scratching these items. Quality is important and matters to us, so we offer only the best vacuum cleaner accessories and attachments available. We have crevice tools, which are a must to clean in between couch separations and hard to reach areas like in between car consoles and seats.

Vacuum Cleaner and Central Vacuum Systems Pet Grooming Tools Brushes for Cats and Dogs

We have special tools and brushes designed to take care of your best friends at home, our pet grooming tools for vacuum cleaners are the best and are available in different types for short or long hair animals. You cat and dog will now look great because of your vacuum cleaner's power and this without scaring them or hurting them.

Central Vacuum Wands and Extensions

If you are looking for an easy way to clean under appliances and other big items around the house without having to move them, you just found what you need. We have special tools and extensions perfectly designed and low profile enough to go under the refrigerator, kitchen oven, washing and drying machines, couches and more. The Exten-Vac is the perfect tool for vacuum cleaners and central vacuum systems. No need to have an other set of arms to clean around the house because you don't even have to move them anymore to clean everywhere.

Of course, or wands and extensions are a must for every vacuum cleaner owners. Available in aluminium or plastic, these wands are also offered in 1, 2, or more sections or simply in a telescopic adjustable version, which means you select the necessary height of the wand to prevent you from bending over when vacuuming around the house. This will prevent back pain and is perfect for everyone to vacuum without excuses! Your kids can now adjust the wand to their height, and daddy as well.

Vacuum Cleaner Storage Accessories for Attachments, Brushes Tools and Hoses

To help you keep your vacuum cleaner tools and hoses organized, we have a selection of wall mounts accessories to setup in a corner of the house and put everything together. With these organizers, you want loose anything because all is at the same place and ready to use. Hose hangers and huggers, brushes and tools caddy, wand bracket to fix on the wall, no matter what you are looking for your central vacuum system, at vacuumsonline we have it at the best price guarantee.

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