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Attachment Kits for Central Vacuum Systems with 24 Volts Low Voltage Only

Our central vacuum systems attachment kits with low voltage 24 volts electricity only are offered with two types of vacuum cleaner flexible hoses. The first one is the basic low voltage hose that starts the central vacuum as soon as it is plugged into the vacuum inlet valve on the wall and the second one is the deluxe low voltage 24 volts hose that features a 2 positions on-off switch on the top of the handle at your fingertips. With the basic hose you have to disconnect the hose from the inlet valve to stop the cntral vacuum while the deluxe hose only need the push of a button to stop everything and answer to the phone for exemple.

Our accessories and attachments kits are offered with a large selection of vacuum lceaner brushes, tools, wands and more. You will be able to find in our store the kit that best fits your needs, for example, if you have no carpets at home you want have to buy a more expensive kit with carpet beaters but only a kit with hard floor or bare floor brushes and save some money.

Note that carpet beaters used with low voltage kits are air driven power nozzles or turbo carpet beaters if you prefer, no electrical motors.  

Accessory Kits with 120 Volts and 24 Volts Combined (Dual Voltage)

Once again, our central vacuum attachments kit offered with dual voltage 120 volts and 24 volts combined are offered with different types of flexible hoses for all budgets. The less expensives ones come with a basic dual voltage hose that here again starts the central vacuum unit as soon as it is plugged inside the inlet valve and on the hose end adapter you have a pigtail with a certain length to connect to a regular electrical power outlet of the house. On the hose handle itself, you have an electrical 2 sprongs receptacle to plug in your electric motorized carpet beater if you use one. With the basic dual voltage hose, the carpet beater starts up when connected and stops when disconnected from the hose handle receptacle, no switch to control anything.

On the other side, we have the deluxe dual voltage hoses for central vac systems that feature a 3 positions switch to remotely control at your fingertips the central vacuum unit AND the carpet beater as well. The swtich is located on top of the handle. The standard deluxe dual voltage hose features also a pigtail to power up the 120 volts inside the hose and needs to be connected to a standard electrical outlet normally within distance of the vacuum cleaner inlet valve.

Be careful because there is an other type of deluxe dual voltage hose system called supervalve or direct connect. This type of hose has the same features than previously seen with the standard deluxe dual voltage one except instead of having a pigtail to power up the 120 volts electricity, the hose end adapter that connects to the inlet valves as an extra 2 sprongs connector because supervalves have built in 120 volts electricity within the inlet valve itself.

Note that the deluxe dual voltage supervalve hose cannot be used in a standard installation because the 2 sprongs will prevent the hose from being inserted correctly in a standard installation. On the contrary, any type of hoses can be used with a supervalve or direct connect installation.

Complete Accessory and Attachment Kits for Garages

We have Central vacuum system garage attachments kits that are especially designed for garage and workshops at home. This prevent to use the vacuum hose in dirty places or on a dirty floor and then bring it back inside the home. Our garage attachment kits are perfect to clean cars and trucks, concrete floors and any other thing you can park inside the garage and clean it! We have vacuum cleaner garage kits for every budgets and many type of applications.

Central Vacuum Systems Commercial Accessories

Of course commercial and industrial vacuum cleaner systems need to have heavy duty accessories and attachments because they are used on larger surfaces, more often and sometimes just because people are more rough using them, so they need to be built tough and to last. This is why we have to offer a large selection of commercial central vacuum systems accessory kits made of metal and stainless steel. Our slection of kits come with heavy duty and larger diameter hoses perfect for commercial and industrial applications. You can also use these vacuum attachments kits in car washes, car dealers and many more applications. Perfect for concrete floors, warehouses, manufactures or any large surfaces. 

Hot Water and Shampoo Cleaning Kits for Central Vacuum Systems 

Nowadays, it is possible to convert you existing wet and dry central vacuum system into a perfect professional carpet and furniture hot water and shampoo cleaning kit. No need to call professionals to clean your floors anymore with our complete hot water and shampoo cleaning kits perfect to desinfect any types of floorings, wood floors, tiles, and carpets as the power of your central vacuum is converted into a liquid extractor. For conventional vacuum cleaners owners, with the liquid interceptor add-on, it is possible to convert your existing vacuum system into the perfect mobile wet and dry unit! With our hot water and shampoo vacuum kits all you need is a water tap connection like a standard faucet or simply connect it to a water tap outlet when it was planned during the construction. Now everyone can have a professional cleaning kit to desinfect at home.

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