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Vacuum Bags & Filters - Filters - Samsung : 11

Samsung 6013 Exhaust Filter
  • Samsung 6013 exhaust filter
Universal Secondary & Motor Filter for All Brands & All Models of Vacuum Cleaners Fits ALL
  • Universal HEPA foam filter sheet
  • Includes 2 filters
  • Foam sheet of 8" x 10"
  • Compatible with a large selection of vacuum cleaners
  • Perfect replacement for pre-motor filters
  • Perfect to replace a discontinued or unavailable filter
  • Easy to cut using a pair of scissors
Samsung 9000 Series Vacuum Cleaner Motor Filter
Samsung 5913 Exhaust Filter
  • Samsung 5913 exhaust filter
Charcoal Fit All Foam Filter
  • DIY charcoal filter 
  • Dimensions : 7,5'' X 6,5'' X 1/8''
  • One filter per pack 
Samsung VCC88 Filter Grill
  • Samsung VCC88 vacuum cleaner filter grill
  • Fits Samsung models VCC88P0H1K
Samsung Dust Bucket Filter for All Bagless Vacuum Models
  • Samsung bagless vacuum cleaner bucket filter for all models***
  • Fits Samsung bagless vacuums models VC12F50HNDU, VC12F50PRGC, VU12F70SHAF, VU12F40SBAU

***Not compatible with Samsung VCC88 and VCC96 only

Samsung Filter for Vacuum cleaner Models VCC88 VCC96
  • Samsung genuine vacuum cleaner filter for vacuum cleaner VCC88 and VCC96
  • Fits Samsung vacuum cleaner models VCC88P0H1K & VCC96P0H1G
Samsung H13 HEPA Vacuum Filter
  • Samsung H13 HEPA vacuum cleaner filter
  • # VC15F50HDUR/EU
  • Fits Samsung vacuum cleaner models Samsung CycloneForce SC15F50HU, CycloneForce Pet Cylinder, VCC96, VC12F50 Vacuum Cleaner
Samsung Motion Sync HEPA Vacuum Filter
  • Samsung MotionSync Motion Sync genuine HEPA filter
  • Fits Samsung bagless vacuum cleaner models VC12F70PRGC, VCF700G, VC12F70PRJC

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