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Vacuum Bags & Filters - Filters - Panasonic : 12

Panasonic Motor Secondary Filter for Vacuum Cleaner AMV30K5J000P
  • Panasonic motor secondary filter for vacuum cleaner
  • AMV30K5J000P
  • Fits Panasonic vacuum cleaner MC-CG887-ZU21, MC-CG885-WU21
Universal Secondary & Motor Filter for All Brands & All Models of Vacuum Cleaners Fits ALL
  • Universal HEPA foam filter sheet
  • Includes 2 filters
  • Foam sheet of 8" x 10"
  • Compatible with a large selection of vacuum cleaners
  • Perfect replacement for pre-motor filters
  • Perfect to replace a discontinued or unavailable filter
  • Easy to cut using a pair of scissors
Panasonic HEPA Intake Filter for Upright Vacuum Cleaners AC37KRFZ00
  • HEPA intake motor filter for Panasonic upright vacuum cleaners
  • AC37KRFZ00
  • Fits Panasonic upright vacuum cleners series 5100, 5200, 5300: MC5157, MC5177, MC5277, MC5340, MCV150, MCV200, MCV5107, MCV5207, MCV5217, MCV5227, MCV5257, MCV5267, MCV526700, MCV5315, MCV5335, MCV5375, MCV5375C MC-GG283-01, MC-UG502-00, MC-UG581-00, MC-UG581-01, MC-UG583-00, MC-UG583-01, MC-UG585-00, MC-UG589-00, MC-V5009-00, MC-V5209-00, MC-V5210-00, MC-V5239-00, MC-V5241-00, MC-V5241-02, MC-V5269-00, MC-V5271-00
Charcoal Fit All Foam Filter
  • DIY charcoal filter 
  • Dimensions : 7,5'' X 6,5'' X 1/8''
  • One filter per pack 
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter #AC38KBRMZ000
  • Panasonic vacuum cleaner exhaust HEPA filter for uprights and canisters
  • #AC38KBRMZ000, #86880, MC-V194H
  • Fits all Panasonic vacuum models listed here: MC-CG902-00 , MC-CG973-00 , MC-GG773-00 , MC-GG773-01 , MC-UG471-00 , MC-UG773-00 , MC-UG775-00 , MC-UG787-00 , MC-UL975-00 , MC-V7710-00 , MC-V7720-00 , MC-V7721-00 , MC-V7722-00 , MC-V9658-00, MC-V7722-00, MC-V7721-00, MC-V7720-00, MC-V7710-00, MC-V5481-02, MC-UL975-00, MC-UG787-00, MC-UG775-00, MC-UG773-00, MC-UG471-00, MC-GG773-01, MC-GG773-00, MC-V9658-00, MC-CG973-01, MC-CG973-00, MC-CG902-01, MC-CG902-00, MC-CG901-00, MC-CG917 , MC-UG729 , MC-UG725 , MC-GG523 , MC-GG525 , MC-GG529 , MC-UG728 , MC-UG727 , MC-V7600 , MC-UL671
  • Also fits Panasonic upright series V7500 & 7700
Panasonic Secondary Motor Filter AC37KAKTZ000
  • Panasonic motor secondary foam filter
  • AC37KAKTZ000
  • Fits Panasonic vacuum cleaners MCV9568, MC-CG902, MC-CG973, MC-CG983, MC-CG985, MC-V9658, MC-CG917, MC-CG937, MC-G902

The filter is replaced by: Universal Filter 

Panasonic Filter for Old Models
  • Panasonic vacuum cleaner filter for old models
Panasonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter #86889
  • HEPA exhaust filter for Panasonic vacuum cleaner
  • #86889, MC-V199H, #40324
  • Fits Panasonic vacuum cleaners models MC-CG983, MC-CG985
Panasonic HEPA Motor Filter for Upright Vacuum Cleaners MC-V193H Pk2
  • Panasonic HEPA filter for upright vacuum cleaners
  • Package of 2 filters 
  • MC-V193H, MCV193H
  • Fits Panasonic upright vacuum series 5000, 6000, 7000: V5725, V5726, V5737, V5745, V5746, V5750, V5760, V6807, V6840, V6847, V6915, V6945, V6950, V6965, V6970, V6975, V6980, V6985, V7309, V7311, V7312, V7314, V7315, V7319, V7320, V7325, V7335, V7337, V7347, V7355, V7357, V7365, V7367, V7368, V7370, V7375, V7377, V7380, V7385, V7387, V7388, V7389, V7390, V7395, V7398, V7399, V7400D, V7407D, V7418D, V7428
Panasonic HEPA Filter for Vacuum Cleaner AMV95K5J0H0P
  • Panasonic HEPA exhaust filter 
  • AMV95K5J0H0P
  • Fits Panasonic vacuum cleaners models MC-CG885, MC-CG887
  • XPN3030

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