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Vacuum Bags & Filters - Filters - Fuller : 10

Fuller Vacuum Cleaner Motor Filter FB-06003
  • Fuller Brush electrostatic motor filter for motor protection
  • FB-06003, FB06003
  • Fits all Fuller brush canister vacuums Fuller Brush Power Team, FBPT-2, FB-SSCAN & FB-PTCAN
Universal Secondary & Motor Filter for All Brands & All Models of Vacuum Cleaners Fits ALL
  • Universal HEPA foam filter sheet
  • Includes 2 filters
  • Foam sheet of 8" x 10"
  • Compatible with a large selection of vacuum cleaners
  • Perfect replacement for pre-motor filters
  • Perfect to replace a discontinued or unavailable filter
  • Easy to cut using a pair of scissors
Fuller Mini Maid FB-MV4 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Filter
  • Fuller Brush Mini Maid hand vac filter
  • Fits all Fuller Brush Mini Maid FBMV.4, FBMV.2, FBMV.6QVC, FBMV.4QVC
Fuller Brush Nifty Maid Canister Vacuum HEPA Filter FBNM-FILTER
  • Fuller Brush Nifty Maid HEPA filter
  • Includes 1 HEPA exhaust filter and 1 secondary filter
  • Fits all Fuller Brush canisters models Nifty Maid FB-NM
Fuller HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaner Filter FBTM-HEPA
  • Fuller Brush Tidy Maid genuine HEPA filter for upright vacuum cleaners
  • Fits all Fuller Brush upright vacuums Tidy Maid: FB-80, FB-90, FB80, FB90, FB-90T, FB90T and profesional upright models FBP-12PW, FBP-95, FBP-95T, FBP95, FBP12PW, FBP95T
Fuller HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaner Filter FBMM-HEPA
  • Fuller Brush upright vacuum HEPA filter for Mighty Maid uprights
  • Fits all Fuller Brush uprights Mighty Maid FBHD1, FBHD1T, FBP-14PWBP, FBP-14PW, FBP-HD2, FBP-HD2T
Fuller Power Maid FB-PM4 HEPA Replacement Filter
  • HEPA washable replacement filter for Fuller hand vacuum
  • Fits all Fuller Brush Power Maid, FB-PM, FB-PM4
Fuller HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner Filter FBHM-HEPA
  • Fuller Brush canister vacuum HEPA filter for Home Maid models
  • Fits all Fuller Brush canisters models FB-HM, FB-HMP
Fuller Brush Jiffy Maid Bagless Upright Vacuum HEPA Filter FBJM-HEPA
  • Fuller Brush Jiffy Maid bagless upright vacuum cleaner HEPA filter
  • Fits all Fuller Brush Jiffy Maid uprights FB-JM
Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid Broom Vac HEPA Filter SPFM-HEPA
  • Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid broom vac upright vacuum HEPA filter
  • Fits all Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid broom vacs models FB-SPFM

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