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Vacuum Bags & Filters - Filters - Drainvac : 4

Drainvac Central Vacuum Filter Pro1 and S1000 FILT-30DVI
Drainvac FILT-33DVI Filter for all new generation 9 Gallons models
  • Genuine Drainvac parts
  • Drainvac FILT-33-DVI central vac filter
  • Compatible with all new generation models with plastic filter cage
  • Fits models PRO2, Generation 2, Summum, C series and Contractor series with plastic filter cage
  • Silverclear antimicrobial treatment coating, SMS technology
  • Easy to wash using laundry machines
  • Permanent and easy to install and remove for maintenance
  • HEPA certified filtration
Drainvac Central Vacuum SilverClear Filter Pro1 S1000 and 1000 Series FILT-29DVI
  • Genuine Drainvac products
  • Drainvac part number # FILT-29DVI
  • For 4 gallons units with metal filter cage only
  • Fits Drainvac 1500, 1630, PRO1, PRO 105 and PRO 106 models
  • Fits Drainvac S1000 series older models S1005, S1006, S1007
  • SMS technology, Silverclear antimicrobial coating
  • Easy to wash and clean using laundry machines
  • Permanent, easy to install and remove
  • HEPA certified, best filtration quality available
Drainvac Central Vacuum SilverClear Filter Pro2 G2 Summum and Series 2000 & 3000 FILT-07DVI
  • Drainvac FILT-07DVI central vacuum filter for old generations with metal cage and 9 gallons or 41L size
  • # FILT-07DVI
  • Fits Drainvac central vacuum models with metal cage and 9 gallons format: Drainvac 2500 Drainvac 2630 Drainvac 3200 Drainvac 2605 Drainvac C series 9 gallons Drainvac Contractor series Drainvac Generation 2 Drainvac Summum Drainvac Pro2

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