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Vacuum Bags & Filters - Filters - Activac : 3

Centra HEPA Exhaust Filter for Central Vacuum Systems
  • Central vacuum Centra HEPA exhaust filter for all brands and models of central vacuum systems with exhaust ports
  • Prevents dust and debris to be vented in the air in the living environment
  • Acts like a secondary filter or an extra layer of filtration
Activac Coal Exhaust Filter for Central Vacuum System
  • Activac HEPA coal activated exhaust filter for central vacuum systems compatible with all brands and models of central vacuums
  • Its function is to filter the dust and debris that could be vented by the exhaust port of the central vacuum system and prevent them from being returned into the living environment
  • It also destroys with its coal activated system any odours coming out from the central vacuum unit
  • Activac FILT-15
Activac 3 Coal Exhaust Filter & Muffler 2 in 1 for Central Vacuum Systems
  • Activac 3 central vacuum 2 in 1 muffler and external HEPA filter designed to fit all brands and all models of central vacuum systems*.
  • Acts like a noise reducer and a muffler to kill the noise produced by the central vacuum motor
  • Extra layer of filter to catch the dust rejected by central vacuum systems when they are not vented outside.
  • The Activac 2 is defintely one of the best add-ons for a central vacuum system.
  • Nevertheless, its coal activated core destroys odours rejected by your central vacuum unit at the source leaving your environment clean, without dust, allergens and odours while makes your central vacuum more quiet.
  • Lifetime average of 5 years
  • Not recommended for dual motor systems

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