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Central Vacuum Systems and Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuumsonline is your number one stop for central vacuum systems and built-in vacuum cleaners on the internet. We specialize in selling only the best brands on the market at the best price. Review and compare our vast selection of power units,  accessories, attachments and tools. Do-it-Yourself installations have never been easier with the advices of our team and technicians. We have been installing central vacuums in our local markets for now more than 30 years and you can take advantage of all our knowledge.

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Reasons to Buy a Central Vacuum System

Portable upright vacuums and canisters are rejecting allergens and other micro particules right in the air you are breathing and can cause health problems to people living inside the house. With central vacuum systems, 100% of the dust, debris, allergens and micro particules are stored inside the power unit or simply exhausted outside the house and leaving the living environment and air completely clean. Studies have shown that using a central vac is increasing the air quality inside a home exponentially.

Easy to Install in Pre-Existing Homes and New Constructions

Most people are not familiar with such a cleaning system and think it is not possible to install a central vacuum in a pre-existing home without causing damages to property, but this is completely wrong. While installing a vacuum system during the construction of a home is easier, pre existing homes can also take advantage of these cleaning systems.

Affordable and Powerful

An other reason would be the price. You can get a central vac for the price of a portable canister or upright vacuum cleaner and get at least three times the suction power and efficiency for your money. This is not a coincidence that more and more home owners are choosing central vacuum systems over carrying a bulky unefficient cleaner around the house. 

Quiet in Operation

With the power unit located in a remote section of the house, central vacs are far more quiet in operation than portable ones. Remember the time you had to think twice before powering up the vacuum because you would awaken everybody inside the house? This time is over. With the centralized system and motor located in the garage or in the basement, you will be able to clean the house at any time without getting any complaints about the noise.

Smart Investment Over Time

Installing a central vacuum system is definitely a smart investment for any homeowners as it will had value to your property while saving time and money in the long term. A centralized system requires less maintenance along the year than a regular vacuum cleaner as it needs to be serviced only once or twice a year to empty the dirt compartment or change the bags. On the contrary, portable ones will require maintenance almost every months, cost a fortune in bags and filters and are far more subject to be damaged trying to clean the stairs, or simply lugging it around furnitures as they are most of the time built with fragile plastic parts.

Full Range of Accessories, Attachments, Tools and Add-Ons Available

With a central vac system, you have the choice between a full range of accessories, attachments and tools to clean every surfaces. With the flexibility of the long and light weight central vacuum hose, cleaning cars, floors, walls, ceilings and ceiling fans have never been easier. The automatic dust pans like the Vacpan or the Vacusweep will make your life easier everyday trying to clean floors and messes in the kitchen or the bathroom simply using your broom and sweeping the dirt in the device connected to your centralized system.

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